Radar Roundup: Bender Grab ‘n’ Go, Udog Distanza, Stash Cache, MKS MM-Cube Ezy, Manastash Ridge Tires, Pony Express, Los(t) Sueños, and How to Ride Gravel


Radar Roundup: Bender Grab ‘n’ Go, Udog Distanza, Stash Cache, MKS MM-Cube Ezy, Manastash Ridge Tires, Pony Express, Los(t) Sueños, and How to Ride Gravel

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Bender Bicycle Co Grab ‘n’ Go Hardtail Frame $2100

Want a handmade in the USA frame but don’t like the pesky wait times? Or perhaps you’re coming down off a bad trip with a carbon full suspension and want to reconnect with your home trails. Maybe you really liked Josh’s Shop Visit at Bender Bicycle Co, or his Bender rigid 29er, or maybe that recent Readers’ Rides? I’m running out of reasons here so let’s get to the meat. Bender is now offering “Grab ‘n’ Go” frames, beginning with the almighty hardtail. These production bikes come ready for a 140mm fork – the perfect travel for a capable all-rounder hardtail – and right now, Bender has a M/L hardtail ready for paint and your build kit of choice. So, if you’re between 5’9″ and 6’0″ and are ready for a new bike, roll on over to Bender to see more!

Udog Distanza Gravel Shoe $240

One of the biggest bummers about fancy gravel shoes is how quickly their toeboxes can get chewed up. Be it by tire overlap or scrambling up a hillside during a hike-a-bike section. Udog took a unique approach with its Distanza gravel shoe. The sole material wraps around the front of the wide toe box, protecting it during such adventures. The whole notion of a “gravel specific” anything makes us cringe but this is legit.

Well done, Udog.

Stash Cache Handlebar One-Hitter System $20

The world of 420 riding has really imploded over the years and we get all sorts of on-the-bike smoking devices sent our way but few nail it like Stash Cache, which plugs into your handlebar end and contains everything you need for euphoric bliss on a big climb. Included in the kit is a cache for your ground flower and a glass pipe, wedged into a plastic sleeve that slides into the end of your MTB handlebar. Simply remove it, mash he pipe into the flower, light and exhale. All for $20.

Check out more at Stash Cache.

*This product is for individuals 21 years of age and older.

MKS MM-Cube Ezy Clipless Pedal $138.99

In yesterday’s Roundup comments a few people asked if MKS made double-sided SPD clipless pedals with its Ezy system and the answer is yes, they do! The MM-Cube Ezy is just that and our friends at Ben’s Cycle are retailers in the USA for them. Roll on over to Ben’s Cycles to make your quick disconnect dreams come true.

Rene Herse 700x44mm Manastash Ridge TC Tire $78.00 – $98.00

If you’re between deciding on a slick or knobby tire for your gravel bike, check out the Manastash Ridge tire from Rene Herse. The Manastash Ridge handles everything from fast pavement to deep mud or snow. Named after a rugged ridge in central Washington, the Manastash Ridge uses Rene Herse’s dual-purpose light knobbed tread. These new tires are 2mm wider than the Hurricane Ridge tires for those who want a lil’ more rubber.

See more at Rene Herse.

Bikepacking Roots’ Pony Express Trail is Complete

The Pony Express Route is ready to ride and to help aid you in your travels, Bikepacking Roots offers a stunning 150-page guide laying it all out. These printed offerings are more reliable than a digital map on your phone (because phones die) and make for a great motivational gift when you finish the route and pass it on to your friends.

The 150-page print spiral-bound guidebook includes detailed segment descriptions and overview maps, extensive trip planning information, historical, environmental and public lands information, as well as a digital copy of the guide, GPS tracks and waypoints, and a handy resupply spreadsheet.

See more at Bikepacking Roots.




Los(t) Sueños

After the tragic loss of his young daughter, Anderson decides to leave his home country of Venezuela and forge his own path in life. Moving to Buenos Aires with nothing, he becomes a bicycle messenger in order to make a living…



How to Ride Gravel

Riding gravel changes from person to person. For some it’s about the adventure, whereas others would rather buckle themselves over a 150km ride.

No matter what, all gravel cyclists love a great brew. That’s why we partnered up with The Coffee Commune (the finest coffee company in Australia!) to bring you some of their awesome blends.



Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo via @JohnProlly

John and Josh are in Marin working on a few projects and en route to the Bay Area, John spent the night in the Mojave where the fabled Mojave Leprechaun made an appearance…

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