Winter’s Edge


Winter’s Edge

The guys at Bike Minimalism sent this over yesterday:

“Even though the town is snow covered, and the days up in the armpit of the Polar Circle are still lived in below freezing temperatures, the appearance of tarmac from underneath the cold, soft white matter presents a faint promise of something nice to come…

While we all live our lives, eagerly awaiting for the warm summer breeze whistling through the spokes, the caress of the sun on bare skin, the freedom of movement – oblivious of the world around us, we can only remember the past.”

We’ve all been commuters on bikes through shit weather and this video reflects on that. Personally, I always preferred the fixed freestyle bike for the slush and snow of NYC. It was my commuter for all the years I lived there and there’s no better control than a fixed gear with a big, fat tire.

I’ve been a bit thin-blooded these past few months, I almost miss cold weather….