Tandemonium at 2021 Unbound Gravel: Wilson and Grant on the Sincere Cycles Humble Frameworks Tandem

This weekend brings about Unbound Gravel, in Emporia, Kansas and I managed to catch up with a few friends who are taking on the 200-mile route… on a tandem. It’s not just any tandem though, so let’s check it out in detail below.

We’ve featured a lot of tandem content here at the Radavist. Probably more than any other cycling website in fact. I think I lost count of how many articles have featured tandems over the years, so I’ll spare you of all the adages aligned with these “relationship accelerators” but I will say if you’re interested in seeing more tandemonium, check out our Related articles below.

When it comes to tandems, I think this one is my favorite. It’s owned by Sincere Cycles‘ Bailey Newbrey and it usually hangs up in the window of the shop but a few months back, it came down for it had a new role to play in the forthcoming weeks. You might remember seeing this wild bike in action during our Shop Visit to Sincere Cycles from a few years back.

Yeah, it’s seen some action over the years. Bailey bought it from Humble Frameworks back when he lived in Chicago as a gravel-race machine. The story goes, Humble made two tandems, and one was bought by Beyoncé’s assistant. Whether Bee hopped on it with Jay-Z is unknown but it’s a pretty fun factoid.

Some of the key differences you’ll note in its current build are the addition of two custom Buckhorn Bags framebags, a new Sinewave Beacon light, and an Evergreen Stitchworks cockpit bag. Not too bad, huh?

Wilson and Grant are planning on racing the Unbound Gravel 200-mile route, so they’ve got a long day ahead of them and these extra bags will keep their snacks and other goods easily accessible.

Bailey built this rig up with a bunch of random bits, from the Gevenelle shifters, to the Wolf Tooth Tanpan, XTR derailleur, FSA SLK cranks, and some meaty Teravail Ehline tires rollin’ on some 27.5 Velocity Blunt SS rims.

If you see these two out on the course – and can catch them – make sure you shout some words of encouragement!

Are you going to Unbound? Drop a photo of your bike in the comments!