Ripping Ruts and Cyclocross Poetry

A project in which a poem is disguised as a bicycle video, that you read with your ears…

I love to ride my bike. I also love to write poetry. The only problem is, people pay more attention to the riding than the writing.

Maybe that’s because folks are perplexed by a sweaty, 32-year-old man in tights grunting around in circles on the beach. Maybe it’s because I only write limericks that will get me in trouble if anyone sees them besides my dog…

Regardless, in an attempt to bring some joy to these most topsy turvey of times, and to bring some purpose to my own disrupted life, I wanted to share my love of sandy cyclocross rides and poetry.

The sandy cyclocross ride is inspired by the hallowed dunes of the Koksijde World Cup in Belgium. Even though the event was canceled this year, I can still chase a similar feeling closer to home. And those rides close to home inspire the words you are about to absorb. And hopefully, those words inspire you to go find your own bicycle happy place wherever that may be. And from there, we can all enjoy what we have right in front of us. And be inspired for something anew. And so the cycle will roll, on and on and on…..

Or for a more traditional poetry consumptive experience, the full text is below:


I, Dream.
Of distant lands,
Where lore dug deep
‘Cross windswept dunes