Radar Roundup: Sklar Titanium Seatpost, Yoshimura Black, Fabs Abs Spicy Pumpkin, Groovy Barrel Adjusters, ORNOT Power Air, Are City Cyclists “Better” People?, Rivendell Visit, Contraire, and Sight Unseen: Norway


Radar Roundup: Sklar Titanium Seatpost, Yoshimura Black, Fabs Abs Spicy Pumpkin, Groovy Barrel Adjusters, ORNOT Power Air, Are City Cyclists “Better” People?, Rivendell Visit, Contraire, and Sight Unseen: Norway

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Sklar Titanium Seatposts $289

The unassuming seatpost can be one of the best upgrades for your bike and your butt. Titanium is known for its high strength and spring rate and those characteristics make it a fantastic material for a seatpost on your bike. This post is made of lightweight, thin-wall titanium that provides a flexy fixing point for your favorite saddle.

Anyone that has ridden a thin-wall ti seatpost will attest to how less beaten up yer butt feels at the end of a long ride! The Sklar Ti seatpost is 27.2mm in diameter with 0mm of setback and comes at 300mm long weighing in at 248 grams. A perfect match for the SuperSomething frameset or your current gravel bike.

See more at Sklar!

Yoshimura Chilao Pedals Available in Black (Small/Large) $189/$199

Some of our favorite North American-made pedals got dark, just in time for Halloween. The Chilao pedals, available in small and large platforms, are now available in a jet black anodizing. You can select a colored pin set for these or just go with the jet-black look. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these pedals!

Available for pre-order now for a November delivery at Yoshimura.

Fabs Abs Spicy Pumpkin Bar Bags $106.66

If spiced lattes ain’t ya thing but you love this time of year, try a Fabs Abs Spicy Pumpkin bag instead! Made in the home of Nutmeg, at Nutmeg Needle Works, by the fine folks at Ron’s Bikes and made from cotton-like-faced Xpac with a deliciously cozy Nutmeg brown liner, these bags look great attached to your bars, loaded with Halloween candy.

Check out more at Ron’s Bikes.

Paul Component Engineering Groovy Barrel Adjusters $16-24

Wanna spice up your Love Levers or Canti Levers? Check out these Groovy Barrel Adjusters from Paul Component Engineering. PAUL machines these Groovy Barrel Adjusters from custom extruded American 6061 aluminum on their trusty ol’ Femco HL-25 CNC Turning Center.

Some would say it’s an awful lot of work for something as simple as a barrel adjuster, but PAUL really wants this specific shape, threading, and locknut that translates into quick and easy on-the-fly brake cable adjustments, even with winter gloves on.

If you love mechanical brakes, these things make a world of difference!

Check out more at PAUL!

ORNOT Power Air Hooded Pullover for Men and Women $125/$145

Crafted from deadstock Polartec® Power Air™, the latest from ORNOT is a Hooded Pullover, featuring a unique quilted texture reminiscent of the clothing worn in the original Star Wars movies. The fabric’s technical composition and dual surfaces trap air, ensuring insulation and all-day comfort. It’s designed with a hidden rear zip pocket and a front zippered kangaroo pocket and is lined with a deadstock power grid. Made by hand with love in the SF Bay Area.

These are made entirely of deadstock fabric and the “Hoth” fabric is slightly distressed in some areas. Because of this, these are discounted. So grab one now, this is a limited run, and when they’re gone, that’s it. May the force be with you?

Check out more at ORNOT.

Are City Cyclists “Better” People?

Research science is constantly finding out that cycling is just better. Better for your health. Better for the air we breathe. Better. Better. Better. Yet this study that has been making the rounds finds that cyclists who ride bikes in cities are just better people overall:

“We hypothesize that in an urban context, people who use bicycles experience a greater orientation towards the common good than those who use cars.”

Read the full report at Science Direct.



Rad Bazaar Finds

We love seeing the support for our Rad Bazaar, a service we host for Group Ride members. For now, you can read all about how to sign up for the Group Ride and Rad Bazaar here.

2022 Chumba Sendero, Steel, Large $3200

– Selling my Chumba Sendero steel singlespeed bikepacking rig, with custom-made Dispersed Bikepacking frame bag.
– Size Large, 29″ Wheels
– The build only has around 250 miles on it.

– Shipping / PayPal fees included in price.

Monē La Roca Small

Less than 50 miles. Every part was new when installed.

1987 Schwinn Sierra $200!!!!!!!

1987 Schwinn Sierra. All original spec except tires. Amazing condition. I can put on one of three different sets of tires depending on your preference. Let me know if you have questions or want to see any specific details




【Visiting RIVENDELL】 Ride, Bike check and Shop Tour

Blue Lug visits Rivendell after a long haitus…



Contraire – Just an ordinary Biking Journey (Full Movie)

It’s summer season in the Swiss Alps. Two mountain bikers, Jakob Breitwieser and Daniel Eiermann, want to experience lots of little adventures during their eight days of vacation…



Sight Unseen: Norway with Brice Shirbach

This season’s Sight Unseen follows Pivot athlete Brice Shirbach as he discovers new trails and cultures in Norway. The bucket-list destination left the team feeling fulfilled in the memories and new relationships they made. The visually stunning series encourages discovery, captures the flow state, and celebrates getting out of the comfort zone…




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @dylansherrard

Sometimes, an image evokes the feeling of All Hallows’ Eve without being an overt nod to it… Well done with the vibes here, Dylan!

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