Do It For Dave: Dave Mercer Fundraiser Raffle


Do It For Dave: Dave Mercer Fundraiser Raffle

We recently received news that Dave Mercer of Mercer Bikes was diagnosed with cancer and to help him through this battle, the community has rallied to put together a fundraiser raffle. Check out the details of what and how you can win below!

Stan’s Buitelander Track Bike

Dear fellow cyclists and compassionate friends,

We’re reaching out to you with a heartfelt request to support a treasured member of our cycling community who is facing a challenging journey.

Dave Mercer, a respected bicycle frame builder, cycling enthusiast and all-around nice guy, has recently been diagnosed with cancer. As a united cycling family, we want to rally around him and his family during this difficult time and help ease the financial burden of such a diagnosis.

To this end, we’re organizing a special raffle to support him. All proceeds from the raffle will go directly towards his expenses, enabling him and his family to focus on his recovery and find the strength to power through the demanding course of chemo that lies ahead.

Stan’s Karoobaix Disc All Road

The Prize: Eroica 2023 Tribute Mercer All-Road Bike

In Dave’s own words, this bike will “reward you with long, soulful sojourns on our most beautiful backroads and she’ll make both onlookers and you smile with pleasure.”

Here’s a glimpse of this special prize:

  • Hand built classic lugged frame and fork with Columbus SL frame tubes
  • Custom paint job in the colours of the 2023 Eroica SA poster
  • Early 1980s Campagnolo Victory groupset
  • Panaracer Pasela 32c tyres
  • Brooks B17 saddle

Sarah’s Mercer Bikes Disc All Road

How Can You Enter?

Participating in this raffle is easy, and every ticket you purchase will go towards supporting Dave. Here’s how you can enter:

  1.  Visit the Classic Steel & Vintage Cycling Enthusiasts website: Do It For Dave Raffle Ticket to learn more about the raffle and the prize.
  2.  Purchase your raffle tickets securely online. Each ticket is priced at R260 and is a powerful contribution towards our cause.
  3.  Spread the word! Share this raffle with your fellow cyclists, friends, and family members who may also want to support this incredible cause. Together, we can make a significant impact.

Unite for a Worthy Cause

Let’s come together and show Dave that he’s not alone in this race. By participating in this raffle, you’re not only entering for a chance to win an incredible prize but also making a difference in his life. Let us harness the power of our collective love for cycling to fuel hope, strength, and resilience. Your contributions, no matter the size, will bring light into Dave’s life and inspire hope in his battle against cancer. We sincerely appreciate your support, compassion, and generosity during this time.

Let’s do it for Dave!

Hup, hup!

Eric Prinsloo
Classic Steel & Vintage Cycling Enthusiasts