Sarah’s Karoobaix Mercer Bikes Disc All Road

There were so many wonderful builds at the Karoobaix, but I have to admit, seeing this bike really made me stoked to be in South Africa. While Sarah’s Mercer Bikes isn’t as flashy as Stan’s, it’s still a locally-built frame, designed to fit Sarah and her riding style, with practical details, contributing to the overall beauty of a modern, disc road bike with classic lines.

Campagnolo Athena’s classic groupset adds to the beauty of this bike. The geometry makes long days in the saddle not only bearable but comfortable with an elegantly-raked fork, short chainstays, with modern dirt drops to offer plenty of hand positions and leverage, which are paramount for dirt races like this.

As for the frame details, Mercer used a fillet brazed and lugged seatstay cluster, rack mounts, clearances for large, plump tires and those nifty Columbus badges that Stan had custom made for a few, special projects.

It made my day seeing this bike out on the course and I am very stoked to see women involved with the Karoobaix. Hopefully, with dirt road races gaining traction and popularity in South Africa, there will be even more women out on course. Thanks for letting me document this bike, Sarah!