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Adam’s Performance Synapse – Spencer Harding

Adam’s Performance Synapse
Photos by Spencer Harding, words by Spencer Harding and Adam

A little over a year ago Adam sent me a photo of a rigid 26” bike with a Crust Clydesdale cargo fork on it, which he said was his “baja divide rig.” This would be enough to strike fear into the heart of anyone receiving Nicolas’ emails about the Baja Divide Grand Depart exclaiming “MUST HAVE 3 INCH TIRES!”

Nonetheless, he rolled up to the start on that janky Synapse (the name was crossed out and replaced with Deep Search ala The Life Aquatic). Adam being the extremely adaptable trash panda he is, he made it pretty damn far on the Baja Divide with that rig. (more…)

Jun 20, 2018 25 comments
Ecuador and Non-Baby Making Lovers – Ariel Campbell & Spencer Harding

Ecuador and Non-Baby Making Lovers
Words by Ariel Campbell Photos by Spencer Harding

I’ve been sitting on the photos from our stint on the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route last summer trying to figure out what to write about. My photos tell their own story, so in lieu of the usual route discussion and tales of arduous climbs, I wanted to open a platform for Ariel to speak of a personal encounter she felt like sharing. This was a rather personal and charged experience, one I was not present for nor photographed. While there has been plenty of discussion about privilege in visiting developing countries on bikes, I feel in Ariel’s instance there was an authentic opportunity to educate and have a cultural exchange. The little things in your pocket shouldn’t be taken for granted, they have the ability to affect how someone experiences the world… -Spencer

The 11K elevation was too much for my lowland and desert accustomed body, I struggled to acclimate. Towards the second half of our trip, I started experiencing altitude sickness to a crippling degree. It was difficult to ride or even walk my bike. Short of breath and extremely tired, altitude sickness got the best of me, which lead to our painful separation with Spencer. (more…)

May 30, 2018 14 comments
The Northern Frameworks Process – Jarrod Bunk

The Northern Frameworks Process
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

While Minneapolis might not be on everyone’s list for travel plans in the middle of winter, mine was a little bit different.  You see, I wanted to finalize some stuff for an upcoming build of mine.  I took the opportunity while in the fridged midwest to spend some time getting a fit at Angry Catfish catching up with friends, and documenting some of the build processes that go into a custom Northern Frameworks.


Alex Cook started building bike under the name A-Train a few years ago now and honed his craft to the point at which the collaboration with Angry Catfish was born, which is Northern Frameworks.  Each Northern Frameworks is built around custom geometry for the rider and comes in a stock color palette to simplify the process and allow Alex to make his bikes the best they can be.  Tight miters, sharp tungsten and a steady hand are apparent in his welds and a meticulous work ethic which I watched first hand.  I have to admit it was great to watch someone who cares so much about their craft, work. Inside of  Alex’s shop, he has a backlog of builds but keeps the lead times small thanks to the process he’s developed with his time behind the torch.  If you’re interested in your own bike, give him a shout.



Follow Jarrod on Instagram, Follow Northern Frameworks on Instagram, Follow Angry Catfish on Instagram.






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Grinduro Scotland Registration is Open

Looking for a different kind of dirt road race in a totally different landscape? Grinduro Scotland returns this year, with registration now open. Head to Grinduro for details and check out our Reportage from last year’s event in the toolbar to the left.

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Let’s Help Charlie Cunningham

Photo via Cunningham Bikes

“The past two years have been the weirdest and worst in decades in so many ways—planetary and political and personal-people disasters, haven’t they? They seem to suggest a gloomy future. It’s all — well, “surprising” sums up all the other adjectives, but neuters them a little, right?

Let’s do something wild and huge, a laser beam of super good for one guy, Charlie Cunningham. Jacquie Phelan comes free in the bargain. Charlie and Jacquie have been a married bike couple for 30+ years.

Charlie is a hero. His story is available to those who dig enough, we’ve told it and it’s on the web, but the fact that it’s not familiar to every bike riders over the age of 20 is testament to how people can become forgotten stepping stones. Charlie has a history of bicycle inventions, innovations, improvements, and independence in an industry that for the most part is ruled by trends, marketing, racerworship, copycatism, and an unwarranted inferiority complex that is being addressed by bulk (road bikes are fatter than mountain bikes used to be; mountain bikes are monstrous); and tech, with nothing more to learn than which buttons to push, few if any operator skills to learn, motors marketed as pedaling assists—always marketed as progress.”

Check out the full story at Rivendell… and any bit helps, so head to the Go Fund Me to share some Holiday love.

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45NRTH’s Red Wing Leather Wölvhammers

Every so often, a cycling product comes out that kinda blows my mind. Granted, I have no use for these boots, but for those in cold weather conditions looking for some balleur footwear, look no further than these 45NRTH Red Wing Leather Wölvhammers. Made from the same leather as your favorite work boots, insulated with Aerogel and enough details to shake a stick at. See more information at 45NRTH.

Oct 23, 2017 10 comments
Fat Chance Brings Back the Yo Eddy Road Fork by Igleheart

If you’ve got a Slim Chance and are looking to give it more of a throwback look and feel, then check out the latest from Fat Chance. These Yo Eddy Road Fork are being made by Chris Igleheart, the man who has arguably been making segmented forks longer than anyone. These forks are available a la cart or with a Slim Chance road frame, in a variety of colors. Head to Fat Chance to see more.

Apr 18, 2017 3 comments
A Look at the Team Dream Stinner Road with Mavic Open Pro Wheels

Even though this bike has been featured on the site before, I wanted to unveil the full monty after it had new wheels at NAHBS. The Team Dream x Stinner is here in Salt Lake City, floating between the Campy and Stinner booth, rolling on new Mavic Open Pro rims. These rims have a new profile, Exalith technology, eyelets and are tubeless compatible. Wheels can make or break a build, in terms of aesthetics, and I really feel like this bike looks complete now. Check it out in person today at NAHBS, and see more photos below.


Mar 12, 2017 16 comments

Every Friday, Golden Saddle Cyclery leads a group ride leaving from Intelligentsia Coffee in Silver Lake that heads into the surrounding hills. Sometimes it’s dirty, sometimes it’s road but it always ends at Mission Workshop LA for Bicycle Coffee LA‘s Free Coffee Friday. If by the end of this jaunt, you’re not fully caffeinated, then you’d better check your pulse. For this most recent TGIF GSC ride, our group rolled into a hillside park called Cherry Canyon and rode a mix of fire road climbs and singletrack descents before heading back. If you’d like to join in on the fun. Meet up at Intelli for a 7am ride each Friday. The shop will announce the route and terrain Thursday on their Instagram.

Check out a few more sunny, blue-skied photos below!


Feb 26, 2017 4 comments
MTB India

Well, I have officially added India to my riding destination list.

Feb 14, 2017 5 comments