Radar Roundup: Superstore Wilderness, Wizard Works Fundraiser for NZ Cyclone, Fairlight Faran 2.5, Force AXS Updates, and Ripton Bike Pants


Radar Roundup: Superstore Wilderness, Wizard Works Fundraiser for NZ Cyclone, Fairlight Faran 2.5, Force AXS Updates, and Ripton Bike Pants

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Announcing Superstore Wilderness

Created by the team responsible for the groundbreaking Ride Journal and the North London Dirt gravel event, Superstore Wilderness is a new print publication dedicated to exploration in these marginal spaces. We aim to celebrate those nature-reclaimed environments where industry and commerce fall away, and rider, runner and walker can explore areas that no one really seems to own – grasslands between flyovers, woodland on the edge of retail parks, broken concrete cut-throughs behind factories and next to waterways. More often than not unloved, these remain precious spaces for urban nature-lovers.

We hope that this publication bridges the gap between an art project and more traditional adventure-sport publishing. The oversized 96-page magazine/newspaper features a collection of new writing, environmental photography and graphic design celebrating how humans interact with these spaces by bike and by foot. We have brought together a diverse selection of writers, including social anthropologists, ecologists and cultural specialists, all united by a fascination with these hinterlands.

Superstore Wilderness features work by artists including, Anthony Burrill, Liberty Blake, Pentagram, Michael Blann, Robin Friend, Matt Blease, Simon Roberts, Polly Tootal, Philip Sinden, Simon Phipps, FUEL, Spencer Lowell and Mark Lazenby.

The publication is supported by Rapha and features 20 pages of advertising by bike, run and outdoors brands.

All proceeds from the sales of the paper and partnership pages will go to good causes working in our local edgelands areas – charities including food banks, migrant centres, homeless shelters, as well as youth groups.

Superstore Wilderness retails for £10 and is available at magculture.com and newsstand.co.uk/superstorewilderness as well as the Rapha London Clubhouse in Soho.

Wizard Works AllBlack Collection Fundraiser for Hawkes Bay Foundation Cyclone Gabrielle Fund

Wizard Works has launched their new AllBlack collection, made up of several of their most popular styles in a combination of US made Black vx-21 Xpack and German made Black Cordura. The collection is raising much needed funds for the Hawkes Bay Foundation’s Cyclone Gabrielle Fund, after the devastating cyclone laid waste to vast areas of New Zealand in February.

“Shortly after the saddest time of my life, I was thrown into the most terrifying time of my life.” – Veronica Lowe

 Veronica, co-founder of Wizard Works is from Hawkes Bay, was back home as Cyclone Gabrielle hit in the middle of the night. After losing her father unexpectedly a few weeks before, she was forced to endure a terrifying night watching the water rise and rise. 

“..[T]he devastation is heartbreaking, there are people and families that have lost everything, including their lives. My dad’s house (top image), with all his special things, that only days before we’d organised and lined up in his hallway to collect, reminders of our lovely father, all totally destroyed.” – Veronica Lowe

Continue reading this story at Wizard Works’ blog.

 Wizard Works is accepting donations and selling its new AllBlack collection. 50% of the sale price of AllBlack products is being donated to the Hawkes Bay Foundation Cyclone Gabrielle fund. The bags are being made to order with a short lead time of 1-2 weeks, and Wizard Works plans to keep the collection available throughout March.

Roll on over to the Wizard Works AllBlack Collection to help support this cause.

Fairlight Faran 2.5 Deposits Are Open £999

The Faran is all about utility and versatility; road plus, commuting, gravel rides, audax, randonneuring with a small front rack, or touring with front panniers. As the seasons and years pass, racks and cages will be bolted on or taken off, wheels and tire sizes will be experimented with; its form, capability, and loading capacity will evolve to reflect your riding style. On some level every cyclist has the desire for self-sufficiency and escape and it’s this idea which drives the utilitarian design ethos of the Faran.

The Faran 2.5 is Fairlight’s latest evolution. The main changes vs. the 2.0 are the introduction of the Bentley x Fairlight Mk.2 dropouts (pictured above), increased tire clearance (now compatible with a 27.5 x 2.4 tire), heat-treated chainstays and seatstays, size-specific tubes for sizes 61R & 61T.

Frameset – Starting from £999
Shimano GRX 600 1X/2X Build – Starting from £2,099
Shimano GRX 800 1X/2X Build – Starting from £2,599
Shimano GRX 800 Di2 2X Build – Starting from £3,499

As always, Fairlight does an incredible job of laying out all the details, specs, and features of its bikes, so roll on over and check out the new Faran 2.5.

SRAM Updates Force AXS 

With new one-piece, integrated chainrings, better, more intuitive front derailleur shifting, and a complete shifter redesign, including reach adjustment, the new Force AXS has a lot going on. With gearing setups for any drop bar bike; be it a 29er drop bar MTB, a gravel bike, or an all-road, there’s something for every rider, including power-hungry, data-driven, metric-munchin’ roadie 2.0s with new integrated 2x and 1x power meters.

Roll on over to SRAM to see what has to be some of the best product imagery from any of the larger bike companies!

Ripton & Co Bike Pants for Men and Women $120

Ripton, makers of shit you didn’t think you needed but refuse to remove from your body once it’s on, just announced its all-new bike pant. A hyper-thin, super-stretch performance denim shaped into a rugged, tapered trail pant. With ample room for knee pads, three full-zipper closures, and an internal drawstring, this pant is primed to create a new category of its own. Niche beyond niche, built for a use case, elevating the wearer at all times.


  • Articulated knee darts for pads
  • 11.5 ounce super stretch denim
  • Small batch, limited availability
  • Big denim energy
  • UCI-legal DH pant, for the rule-benders

Check out more at Ripton.



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