Wizard Works Kengo Camo Mini Collection


Wizard Works Kengo Camo Mini Collection

Launching this Thursday, 14th of March, Wizard Works have just announced their new Kengo Camo Mini Collection. This is the brands first limited-edition project of 2024 and features a distinctive earth toned camo fabric, with reverse herringbone weave that is sure to turn heads.

Working with two fabrics from Scottish waxed canvas heavy weights Halley Stevenson this collection is a resoundingly made in UK affair. The Kengo print is mid weight dry-waxed cotton, paired with a dark brown 18oz heavyweight fcf dry waxed canvas for improved structure and durability where it’s needed.

Available in 3 of Wizard Works most popular styles, the Munin Mini Messenger, Shazam Saddle and Bar Bag, and Framebagracadabra Partial Frame Bag.

This mini collection is another example of Wizard Works’ aesthetic that seeks to reimagine classic touring vibes in a contemporary way.

Set your calendars and alarms. Quantities are extremely limited and are expected to sell fast once the collection goes live at 7pm GMT Thursday 14th March at Wizard Works.

Approx USD Price (excl VAT)*

S + M = $123
L + XL = $134

S = $220
L = $230