Starling Cycles Relaunches and Redefines Its Framesets


Starling Cycles Relaunches and Redefines Its Framesets

Framesets are Starling Cycles’ frame-only collection. They’re the roots of what the UK makers create as a custom, handmade framebuilder and the best-selling side of its business. Sure, they offer custom builds, too, but the framesets keep the lights on at Starling, so to speak.

This caused a moment of pause with how they market these bikes. The frameset relaunch’s intent is to create a clear and concise purpose for each frameset, let’s check out where they landed…

The brand wanted to make sure its frameset offering is simple, straightforward, easy to understand, and easy to buy, knowing a lot of fans understand its products really well. Still, they want to make sure that newcomers to Starling can understand what we do without needing a PHD in Starling Cycles!

So, without further ado, introducing the updated Frameset collection:

The Starling Cycles Roost is a mullet-wheeled, stainless steel hardtail mountain bike with room for a 120 to 160mm fork.

Mixed wheels (27.5″ rear, 29″ front) are heaps of fun to ride, and a whole load of fork options allow you to build anything from a gravity monster to a zippy XC whippet.

The Starling Cycles Murmur is the award-winning, do-it-all, steel shredder. It’s UK-made with 135mm rear travel, 29″ wheels and Reynolds 853 steel.  It’s best paired with a 150mm fork.

Mid-travel and 29″ wheels make the Murmur the perfect, versatile all-rounder, walking that fine line between ‘trail’ and ‘enduro’. Not too much travel that it’s slow and sluggish, still enough that it’ll take on big mountains, race tracks, and bike parks.

Supplied as standard with 135mm travel but can go up to 150mm with a longer stroke shock.

The Starling Cycles Twist is a mullet-wheeled, mid-travel steel shredder. UK-made with 135mm rear travel in Reynolds 853 steel. It’s best paired with a 150mm fork.

Mid-travel and mixed wheels (27.5″ rear, 29″ front) the Twist is made to be fun and fast, easy to throw around and a little more playful than pacey.

It’s a tough call between the Twist and the Murmur, but the mullet wheels may suit riders who prefer ripping turns, popping manuals and a more playful style.

Supplied as standard with 135mm travel, but can go up to 160mm with a longer stroke shock.

The Starling Cycles Mega Twist is the Twist, made mega. The Mega Twist combines mullet wheels with 165mm rear travel and the award-winning steel frameset.

The Mega is a new model name to Starling, but not a totally new bike. This is the Twist with a longer stroke shock to allow 165mm rear travel – it’s what was previously known as the Twist ‘Enduro’.

We introduced this new model to create a clearer, easier-to-understand range of bikes and to make it more obvious that we offer a long travel, mixed-wheel bike.

Run a shorter stroke shock with this to step the travel down to 135mm, creating a standard Twist.

The Starling Cycles Mega Murmur is the Murmur, made mega.

It combines 29″ wheels with 165mm rear travel, 170mm front travel and the award-winning steel frameset.

Unique to the Mega is our UK-made, Mega swingarm which extends chainstay length up to 455mm.  No other bikes in the collecting have this.

The Mega is for the biggest, roughest, rowdiest terrain. Bags of travel, our longest wheelbase and longest chainstay. It’s the ideal choice for taller riders who’ll benefit for more room on the bike.

Supplied as standard with 165mm travel, but can go down to 140mm or 150mm with a shorter stroke shock.


What about the other framesets? Well… check out more information at Starling Cycles.