Wizard Works Figwit Cargo Cage Bag


Wizard Works Figwit Cargo Cage Bag

Wizard Works have just announced their latest release, the Figwit Cargo Cage bag (£41.67), launching tomorrow. Read on for more info on these made in the UK bags.

Figwit is a hardshell cargo cage bag that expands the storage capacity of your bike irrespective of frame size, allowing you to safely transport your sleeping kit, cooking kit, or other essentials on your tour.

Unlike soft bags, the hardshell design allows you to open the bag and access its contents while it’s strapped to your bike. It also makes removal of large items easier, and when paired with Voile straps the bag is outstandingly stable no matter the contents or terrain.

Riders can express their personality and customise their Figwits with the choice of 10 different coloured Voile Straps -sold separately but can be chosen on the Figwit product page.

Sold individually and without straps or cages.

Available in 4 stock colours or made to order in your choice of fabrics, the Figwit Cargo Cage Bag is available from Wizard Works and selected dealers.