A Look at the All New Wizard Works Pelagazam for the Pelago Rasket


A Look at the All New Wizard Works Pelagazam for the Pelago Rasket

I love my Pelago Rasket on my Crust Bikes Dreamer but one of the things I’m not stoked about it is the limited bag offerings. After reaching out to a variety of bag makers, requesting a “custom” bag for my Rasket, the team at Wizard Works threw its wizard cap into the arena and offered to help me out. Well, after a few months, my Pelagazam bag designed specifically to the dimensions of the Raskett, showed up and I shot some initial photos of this nifty bag this morning, so let’s check it out in detail below!

Perhaps the only downside to the Pelago Rasket platform is it uses a non-standard — i.e. non-Wald basket size — basket. Yet, the Pelagazam fits it like a glove.

The Pelagazam fills out the rounded corners with its VX/Cordura fabric construction.

It secures to the basket via G-buckle metal hooks and adjusts with a slip clip.

The flap on top pulls back, exposing the velcro secure strips. The clips attach to extra straps for carrying large cargo because #carryshitolympics.

The roll-top opens to a cavernous capacity which has been perfect with big grocery hauls and for dropping packages off at the post office.

This rolltop closes with buttons and rolls down, allowing the main flap to secure the contents. An additional shoulder strap is supplied as well as expanding cargo straps.

The Rasket is a great platform for those wanting a rack and a robust basket in one but its main design flaw is the availability — or lack thereof — of cargo bags. Wizard Works’ Pelagazam’s capacity comes in at 18-61L depending on the roll top configuration.

Right now, I’m currently using this bike as a grocery getter and bike shop cruiser, so the Pelagazam will be hauling food, parts, tires, etc, although I do believe this would make for a great basketpacking option for a S24O or the like.

The Pelagazam cost me £179.17 plus DHL Worldwide shipping, so you’re paying a premium for a premium product made in the UK by the sorcerers at Wizard Works.

Why We Love the Wizard Works Alakazam

-Made in the UK
-Custom colors
-High capacity
-Secure on rough terrain thanks to secure straps
-Portageable with extra straps
-Looks great!

Product Info from Wizard Works:

The Pelakazam Rasket Bag fits snuggly into the Pelago Rasket, giving you the stability of a rack and the practicality of a basket in one neat package. It utilizes an easy peasy G-buckle attachment system, meaning you can get it on and off the bike in seconds! Combined with its expandable carrying capacity this makes Pelakazam the best companion for around town errands, as far as rasketpacking is concerned, the Pelakazam is amazingly secure and easy to access – if you’re a throw and go kinda person, then maybe this is the adventure bike bag for you.

The rolltop design means the Pelakazam can hold huge loads, but sometimes you need to carry something just a little bit bigger… like a pizza… Or four of them! The included “Pizza Straps” make attaching even the biggest stuff a breeze. Foam padding on the lower section of the bag provides a little bit of cushion to protect your things. A one-piece floating liner means the Pelakazam is the most weatherproof bag we make.

This item is made to order and we are doing these bags as Custom Only to start off with. This means customers can choose the colour and fabric for each of the panels. We are offering a 10% discount on orders for the first batch with the code “radrasket” Orders for the first batch will be open until 28th November, and they are expected to ship a week later on December 6th.

Price: £215 incl VAT / £179.17 excl VAT (for international customers)
Volume: 18-61L (when fully unrolled)
Size: 41w x 31d x 15-50h cm
Weight: 750g

The Pelagazam is hopefully dropping this Friday at Wizard Works, so that gives you lots of time to ask questions and examine these photos. ;-)

Got questions? Holler in the comments!