Pelago’s Rasket Review: A Basket and Rack in One Sturdy Package | The Radavist

I’m not alone when I say how much I love a good basket bike. Typically, you either run a Wald basket with the stock struts and that’s enough. Many people run a Wald, sans hardware, zip-tied to a rack. Pelago has taken the latter and made a rack and basket in one. It’s called the Rasket and it’s a sturdy resolution to create the ultimate basket bike.

It might seem excessive to make a gallery for such a simple product, yet the Rasket has more going on than you’d expect. To begin with, it comes with a lot of hardware.

The reason for this is to allow the Rasket to work with a multitude of bikes. Whether you’re mounting it to a quick-release axle, or a fender mount, or in my case, an actual rack mount. There are also multiple struts to hold the basket of the Rasket to your fork crown eyelet. In short, Pelago has thought this one through and are hoping their product will work on any bike.

My recommendation when it comes to setting this rack up is to follow the instructions!

After ten minutes with a crescent wrench, two metric hex wrenches, and some zip ties for my Sinewave light, it was done. Now, there are holes drilled in the rack struts that allow you to internally route your dynamo lamp and I would have done that but I couldn’t find my electronic wiring kit in our moving boxes.

Overall, the Rasket is a burly, sturdy, and resilient rack and basket combo. I’ve bent so many Wald baskets over the years that the stout structure of the Rasket has really impressed me. Since the size of the basket is a tad bit larger than its comparable Wald, your rack bags might not fit as snuggly. You can also run panniers on the Rasket, so it really does live up to its name. Because of its stainless steel construction, it won’t rust and it can hold up to 33lbs.

The Pelago Rasket is available in the US through Quality Bicycle Products. That means if you call your shop, they can have one sent directly to your home during the Covid 19 lockdown.