Radar Roundup: RAL Tonbo Jacket, Mash Limited Edition Phil Wood Hubs, Crust Evasion Crown, 2023 Kona Sutra, The Slymefoot Slide, Sea to Summit on Aeroe Racks, and Self Portrait


Radar Roundup: RAL Tonbo Jacket, Mash Limited Edition Phil Wood Hubs, Crust Evasion Crown, 2023 Kona Sutra, The Slymefoot Slide, Sea to Summit on Aeroe Racks, and Self Portrait

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

RAL Tonbo Jacket $255

RAL is Sim Work’s outdoor brand. Yesterday we looked at the RAL caps and today, the Tonbo Jacket. These jackets are four season riding hoodies that are made in Japan, with features galore. For the full breakdown, roll on over to Sim Works USA to read all about the Tonbo Jacket.

Mash SF Phil Wood Limited Edition 28h Fix/Fix Hubs $750

Mash’s limited edition Phil Wood hubsets have become highly collectible items. These 110/120mm spaced track hubs are anodized with various designs like “Pink/Copper/Teal,” “Black to Silver Fade,” and “Nebula.” Check out more photos at Mash.

Crust Bikes Evasion Fork Crown $40

If you’re a Crust Bikes fan like we are, you might have caught this nifty little thing in their webshop. These Evasion fork crowns are perfect for the beginning framebuilder, or perhaps to send to a builder for your next project, or maybe you just like the look of a bare metal fork crown. Whatever the reason, Crust has 84mm wide fork crowns for sale in its webshop.

2023 Kona Sutra

The Sutra is one of Kona’s most popular models and that’s because it’s an incredibly versatile bike. Take it on a tour, turn it into a commuter, do mixed terrain rides on it, the Sutra can do it all. Made from Kona Cromoly steel and outfitted with a Brooks saddle and matching microfiber bar tape, integrated shifter/brake levers, proper fenders, and a real Tubus Tara Big Apple low-rider front rack. See the 2023 Sutra’s new color at your local Kona dealer.



The Slymefoot Slide

A 3-day bikepacking adventure in Northumberland, UK, exploring the state of English River Health, good times and a search for tight line on the River Breamish and Coquet.

The rivers that cut paths through our land are the arteries that connect us to the wider world. From birth, we learn to love these meandering and glistening wonders that our civilization was founded on. Yet, English rivers, which form a romantic and integral part of our psyche, are slowly suffocated by a potent mix of nutrients, sewage, interference, and gross mismanagement. They are dying, and with their death, the wonders that capture our imagination and sustain our lives will be lost forever.

In Rural Northumberland, two rivers cling on to their health with a tenacity reflected by the communities seeking to preserve their lives. Breamish and Coquet take their places in the last 14% of English rivers that maintain good ecological health. Yet they are vulnerable, like every river in England, failing their chemical test in 2019.

The upper reaches of these rivers are where we’re headed on an exploratory, 3-day bike packing trip through the Northumberland national park in search of clean water, healthy fish, and experiences that are increasingly rare in a polluted nation.



Sea to Summit on Aeroe Racks

Check out Toby and Amy take on an overnight adventure around the back of Lake Wānaka. Putting their Sea to Summit gear to the test.



Self Portrait – Louis Citadelle

Kona Ambassador Louis Citadelle is no stranger to doing things the hard way. Several years ago he burst onto the media scene with his self-filmed project, Why I Ride. It was picked up by most major media outlets for its stunning scenery, but also garnered a ton of attention because it was expertly shot and edited all by one person. Self-filmed edits aren’t new, but sharing the nuances behind that level of work is fairly rare. It’s an entirely different project on its own.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @FireflyBicycles

Those titanium wizards at Firefly have been making some exceptional lugs with stunning anodizing…

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