Crust Bikes: What’s Going on With Crust Bicycles?


Crust Bikes: What’s Going on With Crust Bicycles?

If you’ve been to the Crust Bikes website over the past few days, you probably noticed a message that reads:

“Thanks for the six years of support, it has been a ride. Closed until further notice.”

Now, this set the internet into a frenzy. How could the bike company that has been seemingly killing it for those past six years suddenly fold? Well, they didn’t fold. I was waiting on a returned text message from Matt all weekend before I posted anything and my suspicions turned out to be true.

This website helped launch Crust Bikes. I met Matt in Austin back in 2015 and shot his personal prototype 26+ Evasion. At that time, I was really blown away at how thoughtful everything about the OG Evasion was. I knew Matt was onto something. The brand launched right when the adventure/gravel/touring stuff took off. As expected, Crust Bikes did blow up! Everyone at Crust has been moving so fast that they haven’t had time to figure out what sustainable growth looked like.

Then Covid hit and international supply chains were halted. Fast forward to today, Crust’s stock of frames is low, and thus, Matt’s emails have gone through the roof. While they’re waiting on new frames to be delivered in 2021, Matt and Cheech, and the entire team are using this downtime to restructure their business, rebuild their website, and figure out how to grow and operate more sustainably.

It sucks to suddenly see their site with that message but please just know, they’re not going anywhere. They all just need some time off and some space. Please respect this moment in time and don’t reach out to them. Let them work and recover in peace. If you want to pour out some emotion in the comments here and just let them know how much Crust Bikes means to you, you’re totally free to do that, just don’t send Matt another email. ;-)