Crust Bikes Scapegoat V2 – Jarrod Bunk

Crust Bikes Scapegoat V2
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

The Crust bikes Scapegoat or Goat’s pro model has seen some revisions for the upcoming run of frames. In an effort to bring the original model in line with today’s “standards” geometry is based on the longer/slacker mantra but in a completely rigid package. The swap from a 135mm F/R  axle spacing to boost spacing allows for a more readily available dynamo hub, and the inclusion of through-axles makes for a more solid, loaded bike. The V2 Scapegoat, in the larger sizes, is designed to be ridden with a 27.5+ tire but will accommodate a 26×4″ tire setup as a single speed, or with an internally geared hub.

In the smallest size, the Scapegoat is designed around 26+ or 24×4″ for smaller riders. Whether you prefer to run a streamlined setup or strap everything to your frame and get lost for a few months, the Scapegoat V2 has you covered with more braze-ons than I can mention here. For the next production run, the Scapegoat even comes with that beautiful crackle paint and will be available in the next few months. For more information, check out Crust Bikes.


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