Mid South 2024: Eva’s Liberation Fab(ulous) Gravel Ripper

Following up on his 2024 Mid South coverage, Jarrod Bunk is sharing a couple of the bikes from the event that most caught his eye. First up: Eva Kloiber’s Liberation Fab(ulous) Gravel Ripper.

My first encounter with Eva came shortly after she relocated from Seattle, Washington, to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I’d heard that she was in the process of a special build project: working on her Ti Klunkapillar. I helped get her some parts and begged her to setup shop in Johnstown to build frames, although Pittsburgh has proven to be a much better fit long term. Once the bike was finished, she came out to an event we hosted, Higher Ground, and shredded the rugged course.

Her bikes have changed a bit over time and this gravel bike is a Pennsylvania party wagon thats just as much of a fit on the flowing fields of The Mid South, a 100-mile pump track by comparison to Pennsylvania’s punchy terrain.

Eva designed the junctions around the bottom bracket, dropouts, seat cluster, and head tube. The result is a titanium-lugged carbon-tubed technical masterpiece complete with a seat mast to top it all off.

The build consists of SRAM AXS XPLR with some Hope calipers, a Quarq power meter, Industry Nine headset and hubs, and a Wheels MFG bottom bracket. This bike has a lot of fine details, but the pink flake in the clear coat really set off in the right light really did it for me.

I saw Eva only once out on course this year and she was just too damn fast through the singletrack section for me to capture her in frame. Luckily, we met up a few days before to take some flicks of this new hotness, direct from the rust belt to The Mid South.

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