Crust Bikes: Corey’s Raw Crust Bikes Evasion Tourer

Yesterday, we took a peek inside Flat Track Coffee and Cycleast. While hanging out there, getting caffeinated and catching up with the shop employees, I got to chatting to Corey, one of the mechanics at Cycleast. Specifically about the sword on his Crust Bikes Evasion…

Yeah, he has a sword! … and he’s also got a bong hanging danglin‘ from this bike. Now, I’ve seen my share of Evasions but this one just jumped out at me, begging to be photographed, so I made it happen.

The Evasion is a do-it-all bike and Corey’s been doing just that: it all! Cycleast leads group rides, overnighters, tours, and other fun festivities within the Austin community and this is the bike Corey takes along. It’s a no-nonsense build kit, with the nice stuff where it counts, and a setup I think y’all will appreciate!