Continuing the Klunker Vibes with Freewheelin’

We’ve already posted the Crested Butte to Aspen tour numerous times over the years, but we’ve never posted Freewheelin’!

“They’re called “Mountain Bikes” or “Fat Tire Flyers” by off-road enthusiasts and these dynamic human powered machines are at the leading edge of the bicycling revival sweeping the globe today. Action-packed and instructive, this film brings alive the new-found freedom, challenge and adventure which characterizes this exciting variation of self-propelled sport and recreation. Featuring expert bike handling and astounding trick riding skills, this film is pure motivational entertainment for youthful audiences and the young-at-heart of all ages.”

Thanks for sending this video in, Stephen!


Klunking: Mountain Bike Racing in 1979

Browsing YouTube sometimes reveals some gems, both old and new. In this case, it’s a 1979 news segment, hosted by Steve Fox and showcasing the founders of mountain bike racing. Note that “klunkers” have gears and brakes while “cruisers” are what many refer to as klunkers these days, coaster brake and singlespeed…

There are some gems in this one including:

“Klunking is muddy in the winter, and it’s dusty in the summer…”

“Klunking is best away from the cops, the cars, and the concrete.”


State Klunker Bike Review: Moné and State Bicycle Klunker Mashup from the New Kids on the Block


State Klunker Bike Review: Moné and State Bicycle Klunker Mashup from the New Kids on the Block

With $12,000 e-MTBs on the market, we asked ourselves, “what is the minimum you need in a bike to have fun?”… This is a wild ride, presented by Cjell Moné’s writing and Joshua Weinberg’s vision. Enjoy!

Swipe, BMX video, swipe, oh, nice curved top tube, super-sharp photo of a gorgeous frame sitting on OSB, @sklarbikes. Swipe, snowboard video, swipe, oh, (pulls phone away and back in toward the eye), brain knots and unknots, those seat stays are hard to comprehend @oddity_cycles.

Swipe, surf video, swipe…AD for an OG Klunker from State. Swipe, swipe, swipe, backswipe backswipe backswipe….$399?! Shut up. The lines on that thing aren’t half bad. Swipe, swipe… Backswipe backswipe… I can’t stop looking at this affordable klunker from State. It comes with Kenda chunky 27.5 x 2.2 tires, a 1 1/8 threadless fork, and pretty decent lines. Not a huge fan of the chrome riser bars, but hey those Vans grips…hmm hmmm. $399?!


Hack Bike Derby

This sounds incredible!

“17 frame builders racing home hacked Klunkers over a rain & fire filled weekend in Somerset. The Hack Bike Derby is an annual event held over 2 days with a different type of bike and series of races proposed for each year. This year, the first year, the theme is klunkers; the original Mountain Bikes as raced from around 1976 in California, USA.”

See more details below. Anyone have photos of the bikes?

Carnivale De Velo


Carnivale De Velo

So good!

“Off the boardwalk and into the Santa Monica Mountains we took our old beach cruisers and up the fire-roads of Kenter Trail where gravity does the pushing and “The Whoops” do the launching. After gathering some good ol’fashioned road rash, we headed back to the Emporium of Postmodern Activities for pizza and beer at the Carnivale De Velo bicycle festival. Two wheels without the engine has never been more exhilarating.”

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