Radar Roundup: Chris King Factory Finds, MAAP Offcuts, Marzocchi Limited Edition, CdC Summer Gloves, Mazama Rimrock Hydration Hip Pack, and Paul’s Repack Cruiser


Radar Roundup: Chris King Factory Finds, MAAP Offcuts, Marzocchi Limited Edition, CdC Summer Gloves, Mazama Rimrock Hydration Hip Pack, and Paul’s Repack Cruiser

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Chris King Factory Finds

Chris King’s factory in Portland is sprawling with lots of storage and over the years, they keep spares around when a color is taken out of the rotation, and it is time to share the goods. Factory Finds is where you can find limited edition colors in extremely rare portions. Even since we’ve scheduled this post, many of the pieces are already sold out! Roll on over to Chris King to see what’s left.

MAAP OffCuts Prime Jackets and Vests

Back for it’s third season, The OffCuts Program is our ongoing collection reengineering surplus fabrics into performance-proven technical apparel.

New to the OffCuts collection are our wind and waterproof Prime Jackets and Vests. Pairing function and technical specifications in a mid-weight and packable style, Prime OffCuts features the same premium construction you’d expect with breathable Polartec® Neoshell fabrications and a 10k waterproof rating. As featured in previous OffCuts releases, each item features a handwritten label indicating it’s unique position in the extremely limited production run.

Check out the full drop at MAAP.

Marzocchi White Bomber Forks

The iconic white paint that graced Bomber forks over a decade ago is back. Usually reserved for Marzocchi team riders and pros these Limited Edition White Bomber forks are now available for the mountain bike public to purchase. For a limited time you can look as pro as Brage Vestavik, Jaxson Riddle, Cami Nogueira, Max Fredriksson and our other Marzocchi athletes, without all the skills necessary to hold down a contract.

There was only a single batch of these white forks manufactured, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Models, sizes and travel options available:

Bomber 58 – 203mm (27.5 Only)
Bomber Z1 Air – 170mm (29 Only)
Bomber Z1 Coil – 170mm (29 Only)
Bomber Z2 – 140mm (29 Only)
Bomber DJ – 100mm (26 Only)

See more at Marzocchi.

Café du Cycliste Summer Riding Gloves $70

Constructed from a mix of technical fabrics, summer mitts which are styled with signature detailing and ideal for warmer weather riding. Highly flexible to maximise comfort on the handlebars, the palms are lightly cushioned rather than padded to provide the ideal balance between protection and connection to the bike.

The back of the glove is perforated for increased ventilation while the inner section is fully breathable to enable superb performance even on hotter days.

See more at Café du Cycliste.

Mazama Rimrock Hydration Hip Pack $89.95

Not all hydration hip packs are created equal. Mazama’s packs are known for their comfort, stability, and efficiency thanks to the synchronous compression system. This design ensures your pack and cargo stay securely tucked into the small of your back, providing a comfortable and stable fit all day long. The air-foam ventilated back panel and a contoured shape hugs your body while providing ventilation. When it comes to staying organized, the strap stow system, quick access tool pocket, and internal zip pocket have got you covered.

Staying hydrated is crucial during any outdoor activity, which is the Rimrocks includes a 1.8 L INTAKE ICE insulated reservoir. This top-of-the-line reservoir delivers cold, taste-free water for up to 4 hours, so you can stay hydrated and focused on your adventure.

See more at Mazama.




Paul’s Repack Cruiser

The Repack era brought about some iconic Cruisers and Paul from Paul Component Engineering just got his hands on an original!




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

While Paul just got his hands on a Cruiser, we’d like to share this Bicycling Magazine cover from 1979 of Joe Breeze with his Klunker. Roll on over to Fat Tire Flyer to read the article! Thanks for posting this stuff, Charlie!

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