Radar Roundup: MONoPOLE Toolbike, Tout Terrain Pamir e-Touring Bike, Cushcore Trail, Back to The Berkshires Ride, Sufur Prototype, Universally Pegoretti: Hecho a Mano in Mexico, and Return to Dillon Cone


Radar Roundup: MONoPOLE Toolbike, Tout Terrain Pamir e-Touring Bike, Cushcore Trail, Back to The Berkshires Ride, Sufur Prototype, Universally Pegoretti: Hecho a Mano in Mexico, and Return to Dillon Cone

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

MONoPOLE Toolbike e-Cargo Bike CHF 7’200/$8,135

Available in three sizes, with an optional cargo rack crate and propelled by a hidden Mahle X35 e-motor with a Pinion C.1 6 gearbox, the Toolbike from MONoPOLE is the aesthetic blend of a cargo bike and a city bike, made in Europe. It is agile and powerful, durable and low-maintenance. And it’s the first bike that uses a Gates belt not only for the drivetrain but for a completely new steering mechanism.

There’s so much going on with the Toolbike and it’s by far the most advanced and capable-looking cargo bike we’ve seen, so roll on over to MONoPOLE to indulge in its exceptional website.

Tout Terrain Pamir e-Touring Bike €7,999

Maybe it’s the desert tan, or the racks, but there’s something tough looking about the Tout Terrain Pamir e-Touring bike. Tout Terrain is known for its European-manufactured touring bikes, and with e-bikes taking over Europe and the US, the brand just introduced its e-Expedition line with the Pamir.

This range of electrically assisted touring bikes utilizes the Pinion E-Drive system – an innovative development that combines motor and transmission in one compact component. It also features a newly developed, European-made aluminum frame with integrated battery compartment and optional range extender. Complete with modular racks, all-terrain tires, and many customizable options – the Pamir is a very capable option of e-assisted touring.

See the Pamir at Tout Terrain.

CushCore Trail Tire Inserts $150

If you have nice wheels and ride hard, tire inserts can dramatically extend the life of both your tires and rims. Yet, up until this point, CushCore only offered beefy, all-mountain PRO inserts and lightweight XC inserts. Today, CushCore announced the Trail line, which provides an all-new option for riders looking for a performance/weight balance between the brand’s PRO and XC inserts.

Additionally, CushCore Trail was engineered to provide more progressive sidewall support: the harder you push, the more support you’ll feel while enabling supple tire response on flat corners and a stable sidewall when cornering at high speed.

Like all CushCore tire inserts, Trail absorbs shock and vibration, improves cornering, and prevents flats/rim damage.

Tire Widths: 2.1″-2.6″
Inner Rim Width: 22mm-35mm
Includes: (2) CushCore tire inserts, (2) 44mm CushCore presta air valves, valve core tool, installation instructions, and rim stickers.

See more at CushCore.

Back to The Berkshires with Rapha

Hosted at Kenver Sports in the Berkshires, the Back to the Berkshires ride is supported by Rapha. Road and gravel routes will be available, with breakfast, coffee, rest stop food, on-route support, swag, beer, and wood-fired pizza at the finish!

A $50 registration fee covers the entire event.  Register now at BikeReg.




Sufur Prototype | Bags Before Bike??

Youtuber Joe Nation filmed Rufus discussing and building a rather unique race bike…

Follow him on instagram @rufus_here to see the bike in action!



Universally Pegoretti: Hecho a Mano in Mexico

In ‘Universally Pegoretti’, the brand explores the lives of Pegoretti owners around the globe, and in the process discover that passion for Pegoretti is universal.

In this episode, we head to Puebla in Mexico to meet José Federico, owner of the company that makes Pegoretti’s t-shirts, and Carlos Del Rio, a proud Pegoretti owner who graciously shows us around his town aboard his custom Ciavete Duende.



Return to Dillon Cone

In 2017 a team of 5 set out on an attempt to carry mountain bikes strapped to packrafts to paddle class 3 and access the unridden big mountain line of the imposing Dillon Cone. That attempt was unsuccessful. In 2022 three of the original team went back, to try again…



Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Flier via @sscxwc23santacruz and @teamrocklobstercx

SSCXWC23 and Team Rock Lobster CX has an important announcement!

“Calling all cities! We need your help. Santa Cruz is under attack by a bunch of singlespeed nerds. Once this ravenous pack of savages has reduced our town to rubble, they will need to move on to a new city. Do you have what it takes to host the SSCXWC 2024? Let us know if want to host the clown show next year. Reach out via the email on our website or DM for more info.”

Hit them up if you have any leads at the Instagram link above!

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