VIDEO: Chris Burkard’s The Forgotten Coast Trailer

Chris Burkard‘s feature-length, The Forgotten Coast, is already ready to premier at a series of screenings ranging from Iceland to New York City, Denver and more. The film’s trailer is embedded here and you can see the closest screening to you at The Forgotten Coast

“His latest expedition, documented in his new film ‘The Forgotten Coast,’ was inspired by over a decade of documenting Iceland’s glacial river systems and their intersection with the ocean.

Chris set out for an immersive expedition across 41 of these rivers – by connecting a 400km series of exposed sandbars that provide a barrier between the harsh waters of the north Atlantic along Iceland’s southern coast. He was armed only with a packraft and a fat bike, and was accompanied by two seasoned bike-pack/rafting veterans.

The Alpacka Raft packraft was a key ingredient for this trip, as it allowed the team to navigate these rivers safely, without adding a ton of weight. Bikerafting is still on the fringe of adventure sports, but it is gaining more traction as explorers realize the vast landscapes that packrafts unlock.”