Pegoretti’s Duende Rock & Roll All Road Bike: Don’t Call it Gravel!


Pegoretti’s Duende Rock & Roll All Road Bike: Don’t Call it Gravel!

Pegoretti’s latest Duende project is a stainless steel disc frame with a new ‘Piron’ carbon fiber fork dubbed the Rock & Roll. Check out more below.

Pegoretti’s Duende platform has always covered a lot of ground, from the clean lines of the road model to the wide-tire ‘CX’ version, a longtime favorite in the cyclocross scene. And now, with the new ‘Rock & Roll’ frame, the Italian brand continues in the spirit of ‘Duende,’ the Spanish term for the magic conjured by the passion and soul of flamenco, to create its most versatile frame yet.

The new frame blends the all-terrain chops of the CX with the spirit of Pegoretti’s road frames and takes off for pastures new with the versatility to ride on any surface.

The Duende Rock & Roll, or ‘RR,’ features custom Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing, disc brakes, and a new carbon fiber fork called ‘Piron,’ designed to accept up to 40mm tires. It’s a radically different design from the brand’s Falz fork, reflecting the new frame’s versatility.

On the road, the Duende RR blends superb responsiveness with telling comfort and the modularity of wider tires. All-weather add-ons like mudguard mounts allow the frame to shoulder the worst conditions without skipping a beat. However, with the option of rack mounts and a switch to flat bars, the Duende RR turns into a fast city commuter. For those who look beyond the asphalt, the Duende RR equips the modern explorer for the fields, trails, and generally less pristine conditions that come with following your curiosity, wherever that may lead.

At launch, the Duende RR is offered in a unique ‘Spaghetti’ graphic, a tongue-in-cheek design inspired by that most sacred Italian practice: the preparing of the pasta. And as we all know, pasta comes in a lot of varieties.


  • Custom Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing
  • Chris King x Pegoretti D11 Headset
  • Pegoretti Piron carbon fiber fork, disc, one rake for all sizes
  • 31.6 seatpost diameter
  • Pegoretti seat collar and front derailleur clamp handmade in Verona Max 120 kg (264 lbs) max rider weight limit
  • BSA bottom bracket standard
  • Tire clearance: up to 40mm
  • Fits: 140 x 160 discs
  • Options
  • Mechanical or Full Electronic (no gear cable guides) Graphics, Panel, Ciavete or solid colors paint finish Black or silver D11 headset
  • Standard or custom dimensions
  • On Request: Rear fender mounts and rear rack mounts


Piron Fork Dimensions:

  • Axle to crown: 395mm Rake: 50mm
  • Axle length: 119mm Thread Pitch: M12*P1.5 Thru-axle


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