Tout Terrain’s Mule and Singletrailer Trailers


Tout Terrain’s Mule and Singletrailer Trailers

From kiddos to cargo, doggies to duffles, Tout Terrain’s new cargo trailers just hit the market. Find out the 411 below.

First up is the Mule ($825), a minimal trailer meant to carry utilitarian tools, touring gear, or groceries. The Mule is trail-ready, with adjustable ground clearance, an air shock, and is lightweight, at just 6.7kg, or just shy of 15 lbs. The Mule can carry up to 38kg and 80-100 litres of cargo on surfaces ranging from paved roads to technical singletrack.


  • Lightweight (6.7kg) with sturdy CrMo steel frame carries up to 38kg of cargo
  • Flexible attachment and cargo-carrying options with the available liner and Ortileb Duffel
  • Adjustable travel and ground clearance for on- and off-road use
  • Highly adjustable Air shock can be tuned for cargo weight and terrain
  • Optional integrated CrMo stand increases stability for bike and trailer for loading and unloading
  • Single-track chassis with tilting technology – very little lateral forces act on your cargo while cornering

Tout Terrain North America has a pre-order open now.

Singletrailer II Lineup

For carrying more precious cargo like children or pets, the Singletrailer II trailers ($1650 – $1700) are designed for everything from school runs to long tours. The redesigned drawbar improves compatibility with 29″ mountain bikes and E-MTBs without extending the wheelbase. A range of accessories lets you configure the cabin for the safety and support of children ages 3-months to 5-years (25kg).

There are 20″ and 24″ wheeled models available, depending on your needs and terrain.

Check out the full Singletrailer II lineup at Tout Terrain North America.