First Ride Review: Veolo Bike Trailer


First Ride Review: Veolo Bike Trailer

After a successful Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2023, the Veolo bike trailer is moving to production—available for pre-order now with an expected arrival time of May 2024. Hailey Moore has been looking for an analog system for carrying more commuting cargo by bike and was intrigued by the Veolo’s lightweight build, modest storage footprint, and hefty carrying capacity.

Read on for her first-ride review of this German-made bike trailer…


OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo

This OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles is not your standard e-Cargo bike…

“For their 10 year anniversary, OBST&GEMÜSE, the Basel based bike shop, has worked together with Dutch frame builder Elian Cycles to develop the perfect cargo bike. Not only is it lightweight, maneuverable and beautiful, but it’s also fast. Really fast. Thanks to its MAXON rear hub MX25 Boost motor.

The OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo is based upon Elian Veltman’s Classic Cargo Tour model. A bike that reached international recognition and acclaim for its gorgeous design.

This bike opens up new possibilities: bring your kids on the group ride, go off-road with your cargo or just have fun while you’re delivering your freight faster.”

See more at OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles!

Faster than a Bullitt at Larry vs Harry in Copenhagen – Kevin Sparrow


Faster than a Bullitt at Larry vs Harry in Copenhagen – Kevin Sparrow

Faster than a Bullitt at Larry vs Harry in Copenhagen
Photos and words by Kevin Sparrow

Welcome to Copenhagen, the mecca of cargo bikes! Well, at least for Bullitt bike owners.

During the 2013 Cycle Messenger World Championships in Lausanne, I had the privilege of meeting the co-founder of Larry vs Harry, Hans Bullitt Fogh. After returning stateside, I joined the LvsH family by purchasing a Bullitt of my own, and I’ve been wanting to visit their operations ever since. A few weeks ago, I was in Copenhagen and finally got that chance.

The company started 9 years ago with the V1 of the Bullitt. Throughout the years, design changes have been made and an accessory line realized in response to customer demands.
The Larry vs Harry storefront, on Frederiksborggade, showcases their entire cargo fleet in all colors and versions. The shop also sells custom built Bullitts and services local ones.