Radar Roundup: Dillen GoFundMe, Moné Light Bar Sale, Ripton Diesel Overalls, No22 Couplers, Gravel and Loam Ep 4, and Endura Custom Kits


Radar Roundup: Dillen GoFundMe, Moné Light Bar Sale, Ripton Diesel Overalls, No22 Couplers, Gravel and Loam Ep 4, and Endura Custom Kits

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Dillen from Baphomet Bicycles GoFundMe

Last Sunday, Dillen’s wife Jenn reached out to John with some unfortunate news. A UTV had hit Dillen near their home in Valdez, NM. Shortly after, the Sheriff’s department got involved and quickly ruled out the hit and run, stating Dillen had chopped his foot off with a chainsaw… Yet a lot didn’t add up. While Dillen and Jenn grapple with the new reality of Dillen losing his foot, they’re coping with horrible debt from Dillen’s Medivac helicopter trip to UNM’s hospital on Sunday. He has insurance, but we all know that doesn’t mean you’ll leave incidents like this sans debt.

Jenn is doing a wonderful job updating everyone on their status while addressing the apparent police corruption of both the Taos News and the Taos Sheriffs Dept, so even if you don’t want to donate, we highly suggest you read what’s going on at their GoFundMe.

Sending our love to Dillen.

Moné Light Bar Carbon Cross Bar Riser On Sale $289.00 $312.00

There it is. Moné did it. Carbon Riser Bar. Want a riser bar but also want your bike to go on a diet… boom Light Bar.

31.8 Clamp. 2.5” of rise and 12º of sweep. If you don’t speak bike nerd, allow us to translate. These are a bit more rise and a bit more backsweep than your current bar. It’s all the comfort of carbon with more sweep. Your wrists will thank you. It’s a bit less rise and sweep than an Oddmone Bar but will be a direct plug and play for all your full squish rocket ships.


  • Weight: 280g
  • Clamp: 31.8
  • Rise: 2.5″
  • Sweep: 12º
  • Width: 822mm

See more at Moné!

Ripton & Co Diesel Overalls for Men and Women $149

If you saw last year’s drop of Ripton Overalls but wasn’t a fan of the blue (we feel seen), then this latest product from the denim active wear company will pique your interest. The latest Ripton Overalls come in Diesel, aka black, and are in stock now at Ripton.


  • 20% weft stretch
  • 12.5 ounces
  • 66% cotton, 32.5% Repreve Sorbtek® Polyester, 1.5% Spandex
  • Sorbtek® is made from recycled plastic bottles and wicks moisture 3 times faster
  • 2 Sunglass/pen/flip blade openings
  • Zippered chest pocket
  • Deeper hand pockets

No 22 Couplers $1,250 including the hydraulic Brake Break

If you do a lot of traveling with your bike, chances are you’ve dreamed of a bike with couplers. The appeal of taking your full-size bike and packing it safely into a standard checked luggage bag is obvious: no more eye-watering airline fees, easier travel to and from the airport, and no need to store a huge bike case at home when not traveling. However, existing coupler systems have some key shortcomings. They’re bulky, heavy, and some require special tools when packing and unpacking the bikes. Some weren’t designed with internal ports large enough to accommodate internal cable routing. Finally, for bikes with hydraulic brakes, there was no easy way to separate the rear brake from the front of the bike for travel.

Over at No 22, they’ve always dreamed of a better coupler solution, and after an extended development period, they’re excited to finally have one. The No22 Coupler bikes rely on two key innovations: our bespoke low-profile frame couplers, and our “Brake Break” hydraulic coupler for brake hoses.

See more at No 22.

From The Pro’s Closet: 2021 Hudski Doggler Gravel Bike, Large $1999

If you live in a city with easy-to-access singletrack or bike paths, a bike like the Hudski Doggler could very well be the ultimate commuter bike. These bikes are essentially rigid mountain bikes, designed to be an ideal all-rounder. Be it S24O, full on tours, or just jammin’ trails en route to the office, the Doggler has many tricks up its sleeve like big tires, a dropper post, and a killer coat of paint. See more at The Pro’s Closet. At this price, it won’t last long!



Adaptive Cycling in BC

Introducing Karl and Rachael, the new co-presidents of the Old Man Mountain Gravel and Loam Society, stepping in after finishing their tour of the Americas. For their first episode, they cross the border to Victoria BC, to ride with some Bowhead Corp athletes, Gene and Dave, and try riding their adaptive bikes…



Custom Lines X Custom Kits from Endura

“Three different riding styles from three different backgrounds come together to showcase the individuality of line choice and the trail’s perception through each rider’s eyes. To celebrate the imagination, Gee Atherton, Jim Monroe, and Johny Salido join forces in Custom Lines X Custom Kits from Endura.” See more about Endura’s custom kits here.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Illustration by @lindsaymhardy

With the heat wave enveloping the Western US, many people are hanging out indoors, rather than riding. Josh’s work in Idaho inspired Lindsay to draw this image while he was holed up in his home…

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