Radar Roundup: Mone El Continente in Stock, Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen in Stock, HMPL Basket Bag, PAUL Post to Flat Mount, Gravel Adventure Spanish Peaks, and Ridgeline IV


Radar Roundup: Mone El Continente in Stock, Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen in Stock, HMPL Basket Bag, PAUL Post to Flat Mount, Gravel Adventure Spanish Peaks, and Ridgeline IV

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Mone Bikes El Continente Frames in Stock $1,325

Raw brass fillets. Bi-plane, curved offset fork. Custom butted tubes. Short telescoping chainstays. This frame is a neo classic. A drop bar, plus, dirt tourer, born on the Tour Divide…. El Continente is back, baby! Mone Bikes just took delivery of a full size run of these wonderfully wonderful bikes.

Roll on over to Mone and show Cjell the Mone.

Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen in Stock $1,750

The elves of the House of Rivendell call the A. Homer Hilsen a “country bike” because it’s between a too-skinny/ techy modern road bike and a gonzo-bozo techy mountain bike. But if you ride on roads exclusively, dirt or bitumen, it’s a pure road bike, with no compromises. Its ability to fit tires to 43mm with fenders and a rack or two doesn’t detract from its roadiness AT ALL. It is the most versatile, useful road bike Riv makes or can even imagine.

Since the first Homers in 2006 (or so) Riv has offered it in Homer Blue, and now alongside, the brand introduces a lovely Mustard Pearl.

These are in stock and shipping today from Rivendell.

HMPL Basket Bag – Wald 137/139/Pelago Rasket $132/$140/$136

Very simple yet oh so effective. The HMPL Basket Bag features a roll-top design to carry as much or as little as you please. There are three sizes available: Wald 137/139, and the Pelago Rasket. Tie it down to your metal armature for carrying goods via adjustable G-Hook attachment point and closure system make for quick install and removal. Two hidden handles let you use the bag as a tote when you’ve got it off the bike!

Basket bikes are simple. Basket bags should be too. Check out more at HMPL.

PAUL Component Engineering Post-to-Flat-Mount Brake Adapters $32-$44

As long as the st000pid bike industry keeps putting flat mount brakes on off-road bikes, good people like the crew at PAUL will make stuff to make your stuff easier to do stuff with. This adapter allows you to mount a post-mount disk brake on a flat-mount fork.



These particular adapters allow you to mount post-mount disc brakes onto flat-mount forks. They come in either 20mm or 0mm sizes. To figure out what size adapter you need, first find out what size rotor the fork was designed for. For instance, if the fork was designed for a 160mm rotor, and that’s the size rotor you’re using, you’ll use the 0mm adapter. If you’d like to bump up to a 180mm rotor on that same fork, you’ll want the 20mm adapter. Bigger rotors=more stopping power, so opt for the bigger rotor if you have the option.

Opt in at Paul Component Engineering.




Southeastern Colorado is increasingly expanding its notoriety for being an extraordinary gravel bike destination. History, culture, and the rustic mountain rural lifestyle under the Spanish Peaks lends itself to the characteristics of magical-realism. Huerfano County is where historical facts and legends converge to tell a unique gravel adventure story. Here, cattle guards outnumber cars, horses wander about, and you ride dirt roads that have attracted humans for centuries.

What makes Huerfano County distinct from other Colorado destinations is the strong bond to the state’s wild west past that remains today. Things operate slower, and like generations ago, with less amenities. But in true pioneer spirit, you can build a gravel adventure that allows you to discover what makes the region legendary.

This guidebook invites you to journey into Huerfano County’s diverse cultural origins and captivating landscape. Riding in Spanish Peaks Country encourages one to have an open mind, and an appreciation for the rugged and self-reliant approach to adventure travel. The Huerfano County gravel bike destination has the ability to magically transform and create something real in you through the deep and restorative effect of the land and people.



Watch the latest spectacular edit in the Ridgeline Series with Gee Atherton, the double World Champion Mountain Biker, world-renowned for his skill and daring on a bike.




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What better way to spend a Saturday night than with a bunch of locals on a S24O? John got out this weekend with some locals in Santa Fe and wrapped up a review on a special bike… stay tuned!

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