Rivendell Roaduno Pre-Sale


Rivendell Roaduno Pre-Sale

Rivendell‘s Roaduno is a singlespeed chubby tire road bike, designed for smooth hardpack dirt, commuting, and road riding. It features side-pull brakes to let you know it’s not a mountain bike and is available in three stunning colors. Let’s check it out!

The Roaduno is the most useful, and fun non-derailer’d bicycle (or frame) Rivendell could imagine. The Walnut Creek bike company named it Roaduno to emphasize that it’s for roads. The sidepull brakes should tell you it’s not a mountain bike. It’s as versatile and as customizable as a derailer-less road bike can be.

Frame Specs:

  • Fits tires to 46mm (43mm with a fender). Any tire bigger than 40mm requires some deflation to install and remove, but that was no reason to not design in clearance for bigger tires.
  • Braze-ons for racks (and fenders), and of course has a kickstand plate.
  • Rear facing dropouts, for normal 1×1 single speed set-ups, but with an integrated derailer hanger, so you can use chain tensioner and a front derailer to set it up as a 2x or even 3×1. Or use a chain tensioner and leave the front derailer off and just shift by hand when you get to the hill.
  • There’s a downtube shifter braze-on on the non-driveside downtube, for easy front derailer set ups. If you plan to set it up as a 1×1 singler, we recommend covering the boss with a Blue Lug Boss cover. Grease it, otherwise it’ll be hard to get off after a couple years.

Complete Bike Specs:

  • An in-the-box COMPLETE comes with a 38t big ring and a 26t small ring and a 16t cog on a flip-flop hub – which works well for most riders on flat roads to easy hills. To access the 26t ring (to make it a a 2×1), add a shifter and front and rear derailer/chain tensioner. To make a 3×1, get rid of the chainring guard and add another chainring in its place.
    • There are stock crank combos of 34×24, 38×24, 42×28, and 44x34x24, stock single-speed freewheels 15 to 22t (no 21t), and White Industries DOS (2-speed) freewheels in a few combinations. The Roaduno is a mad scientist’s dream experiment.
  • The rear hub is a flip-flop, but it is recommended to use only the freewheel side of it. If you’re a daredevil, you COULD run it fixed gear. You CAN put another single-speed freewheel on the left side, but if that appeals to you, why not just get a White Industries two-speed freewheel and keep it all on the right side?


Check out the frame and complete pre-sale now at Rivendell.