NAHBS Trade Up Program by the Pro’s Closet

Got a bike that you’re looking to upgrade to a handmade frame from one of the builders at NAHBS? Check out this new project, entitled Trade Up from NAHBS and the Pro’s Closet. Head to NAHBS‘ site to see the details.

Quote from the press-release: “Partnering with The Pro’s Closet will allow anyone to trade their used bicycle in before the show, and receive a voucher to use towards a deposit on a new custom bike. This voucher will be valid with any builder at the show, with The Pro’s Closet and NAHBS handling the back-end logistics. Bicycles must be submitted and shipped prior to NAHBS to receive a valid voucher at the show.”


The Pro’s Closet Interviews Greg Herbold

The Pro’s Closet always brings such great interviews. This time with two-time National Downhill Champion Greg Herbold, who takes us through the technical aspects of his race winning bike as well as the the challenges downhill racers faced in the early 90’s…like hard-tails, tension disks, and peddling uphill!