Sending Love to Baphomet Bicycles


Sending Love to Baphomet Bicycles

Dillen from Baphomet Bicycles was *involved in an accident in Valdez* (edited 9.6.22), outside of Taos, New Mexico, yesterday, resulting in the loss of his foot. The authorities are still piecing the puzzle together, but Dillen is alive and recovering at a hospital in Albuquerque. We’ve had Dillen and his wife Jenn in our thoughts for the past 24 hours and will post any updates here… Please be safe out there today, folks.

If you want to help, hold tight, Jenn and Dillen are trying to wrap their heads around this situation. You can, however, leave Dillen some love on his Instagram.

*Edit: 9.6.22 – this is a complex story and one that we’ll unfortunately not know what really happened for some time. We’ll do our best to update/edit the post as events warrant.

Edit: 9.7.22 – Dillen and Jenn have a GoFundMe setup to assist with their medical expenses from this tragedy. Jenn annotated the GoFundMe site with the latest update to this complicated story as well. See it at Go Fund Me.