Radar Roundup: Amigo Hippy Trucker Hat, Wolf Tooth GRX 12 Speed, Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Gen 2, ENVE Foundation Price Drop, Hudski Doggler Sale, and Seven Majors


Radar Roundup: Amigo Hippy Trucker Hat, Wolf Tooth GRX 12 Speed, Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Gen 2, ENVE Foundation Price Drop, Hudski Doggler Sale, and Seven Majors

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Amigo Frameworks “Hippy” Trucker Hat $35

When you and Ralph are buggin’ out, sittin’ round the campfire in the desert of Nevada outside of Las Vegas after Ralph’s ESP wasn’t as sharp as you expected, causing you to lose your life’s savings of Bitcoin at the Black Jack table, forever stranding you on Earth, sometimes ya just gotta look at Ralph, with his green/grey pallette and proclaim: “Let’s become hippy truckers!”

Ralph, being an extraterrestrial from Tleilax, knows a thing or two about truckin’, so you two buy a long hauler (with a bike rack of course) and begin making runs for the green chile cartels of New Mexico. Each run you make a pit stop in Roswell to do a quick road ride, grabbing your “Hippy” Trucker Hat, and cruise around on magestic, vacant roadways.

You might never make enough money slingin’ chile. Not enough to vacate Earth for Tleilax, but sometimes, the cool wind blowing across your receding hairline is enough to make you cherish this ever-warming rock of a planet we call home.

In stock now for $35, or about half a bushel of New Mexico green chile, at Amigo Frameworks.

Wolf Tooth Drop-Stop ST Chainrings for Shimano GRX $84.95

Good news! Wolf Tooth’s Drop-Stop rings for the all-new Shimano GRX kit are available. Bad news! Only in sizes that Shimano currently offers. Good news! Other chainring sizes (36, 38, 46-52t) will be on the way soon. We’ll update you here as events warrant but if you were looking for a 40-44t ring for GRX 12 Speed, now’s your chance!

Roll on over to Wolf Tooth for more.

Check out Josh’s initial reaction to Shimano GRX: First Ride Review: Introducing Shimano GRX Mechanical 12-Speed Components


Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Gen 2 Pedals Large and Small $59.99

Like Star Trek, the next generation of Crank Brothers Stamp 1 pedals are better than the original in every way. Available in both large and small platforms, now featuring a true concave body design for keeping your feet planted on those new, one-piece pin design, and trusted Igus internal components for durability, the Gen 2 Stamp 1 has all you need and more in an array of colors and affordable-ish pricepoint. 

Check out Crankbrothers for the Large and Small specs.

ENVE’s New USA-Made Foundation Wheel Pricing is Wild $1,400

It doesn’t matter if you’re from a road, gravel, or mountain house, $1,400 for US-made carbon wheels is cheap! ENVE’s Foundation line began as a means to offer a more affordable US-made carbon wheelset and the brand just announced even lower pricing down from $1,600.

So if you’re looking for some aero road wheels, durable gravel hoops, or all-mountain hops, roll on over to ENVE to check out the new pricing.

Hudski Doggler Sale $1400/$1540

Hybrid bikes ain’t nothin’ to f’ with. Hybrid bikes ain’t nothin’ to f’ with. The Hudski Doggler is re-inventing the hybrid ATB and now, you can score one of these all-rounders for hundreds less than when John’s review was posted. Sorry guys, we should have timed that better. Oh well, save now on the Doggler City/Gravel/Mountain at Hudski Bikes!

If you haven’t read John’s review, don’t miss it: Hybrid Moments: A Hudski Doggler Review




Three riders, seven mountains, 24 hours. Can they do it? Why are they doing it? Wouldn’t you rather go to the beach?

Yes, it’s the adventure of the summer, the Forever Outsiders spirit, an unforgettable experience with a little bit of a laugh (and maybe some tears). Their reward? A cappuccino, a blueberry tart and some very sore legs. Oh, and the glory of uploading it to Strava.

Starring : Col de la Bonette (2715 m), Col de Vars (2108 m), Col d’Izoard (2360 m), Col Agnel (2744 m), Col de Sampeyre (2284 m), Col de Fauniera (2481m), Col de Lombarde (2350 m).

Excellent work, Cafe Du Cycliste!




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @blissfieldphoto

Sometimes the simplest vignettes evoke the most profound scenery. Well done!

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