Wolf Tooth’s New Tubeless Valve Stem Kit


Wolf Tooth’s New Tubeless Valve Stem Kit

Wolf Tooth just announced new tubeless valve stems ($31.95), available in a variety of colors, and two lengths to fit everything from fat bike wheels to aero gravel wheels; 44 mm or 60 mm stems.


  • 44mm and 60mm stem length options
  • Slotted stem base for compatibility with tire inserts
  • Oversized stem nut for better sealing and easier removal
  • Stem threaded below rubber seal for better performance on single wall rims
  • Three rubber bases included: two types of cones (one installed), one channel
  • Replacement parts available via Wolf Tooth Right To Repair, including cap kit with  two caps, nut kit with two nuts, and valve cores

Check out more at Wolf Tooth.