Radar Roundup: Mone SB2 Frames, Esker LVS Hayduke, Brooks MT21 Multitool, Psychedelic Safety, WZRD Bar Bag Spacers, and Remember to Breathe


Radar Roundup: Mone SB2 Frames, Esker LVS Hayduke, Brooks MT21 Multitool, Psychedelic Safety, WZRD Bar Bag Spacers, and Remember to Breathe

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Mone Bikes Small Batch Straight Bar ‘SB2’ $2,150

Classic twin top tube klunk frameset.

The twin top tube Monē has been avaiable only as a full custom, until now. Small batch frames brazed in Silver City, New Mexico out of the back of a bread truck. These limited frame and fork saves over $1000 from full custom and will be avaiable with little to no wait time…helping spread the good word of coaster brakes to those with an eye for the old school.

2 sizes fit most. S/M and L/XL. Slackish comfy GEO while staying playful… these are a hoot to ride.

Full Cro-Moly with butted seat and downtube. Don’t tell anyone but these are pretty dang lightweight. Skinny tubes have a classic look and ride so nice. The fork is a klunk specific design with skinnier blades than you’d every find on a bike with a front disc brake. V supple. V nice.

2 bottle bosses. Rear coaster arm mount and a rear iso disc mount for posterity. A clean “nothin you don’t” setup.


  • 1 1/8 headtube
  • 450 a-c fork
  • 130 spacing (tweakable to most anything)
  • 27.2 seatpost
  • 29 x 2.6 clearance

Check out more at Mone Bikes.

Hayduke LVS: A Longtail Titanium Touring Hardtail $4,950

The original Hayduke has been known to get plenty of folks out into the wild. Hayduke LVS is Esker’s new addition to help get you there with more comfort and more gear. Staying true to the versatility you have come to know and the durability you have come to depend on, Hayduke LVS can truly do it all and get you even further into the backcountry, and back again on every ride.

The Hayduke LVS is the Hayduke you have come to know but with more to love. With 600mm chainstays, the LVS gives a smoother ride, more stable handling for really long rides, and more space to carry a lot of gear.

All Hayduke LVS frames have external cable routing, threaded bottom brackets, and 44mm head tubes for durability and ease of maintenance. The Hayduke LVS also comes with 26 attachment points for adventure accessories, and M6 threaded rack mounts built into the frame for the attachment of Molle Rackwald, our proprietary direct-fit rack.

Hayduke LVS is made from seamless, butted, and cold-shaped 3/2.5 titanium – delivering an enduring and comfortable distance touring hardtail mountain bike. The LVS has been optimized for a 120mm suspension fork, and has ample tire clearance, fitting up to 2.8″ tires.

The versatile Portage Dropout System is now Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) Compatible. The system was designed to switch easily between drivetrain types, hub widths, wheel sizes, and chainstay lengths. Set it up how you like, and hit the trail.

Roll on over to check out the new Hayduke LVS at Esker Cycles!

See our Esker reviews in our archives:


Brooks England MT21 Multitool $68

The MT21 is a multi-tool for cyclists offering a plentiful assortment of 21 bicycle tools: 7 allen keys, 3 screwdrivers, 3 torx wrenches, 4 spoke keys, a chain tool, a handy bottle opener, the Brooks saddle spanner and a knife. 7 Allen Keys / Hex Wrenches: #2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 3 Screwdrivers: -Small Flat Head Screwdriver – Phillips Screwdriver #2 (Medium Head) -Phillips Screwdriver #1 (Small Head) 3 Torx Wrenches: T10, T20, T25 – 4 Spoke Wrenches: #0, 1, 2, 3 – 1 Chain Tool, 1 Bottle Opener, 1 Spanner for Brooks saddles and 1 Knife.

7 Allen Keys / Hex Wrenches: #2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 3
Screwdrivers: Small Flat Head Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver #2 (Medium Head), Phillips Screwdriver, #1 (Small Head)
3 Torx Wrenches: T10, T20, T25 4
Spoke Wrenches: #0, 1, 2, 3
Chain Tool Bottle Opener Spanner for Brooks Saddles Knife
Vegetable Tanned Leather cover

See more at Brooks.

VRNCLR Psychedelic Safety Reflector $15

The only bicycle reflector on the market offering 24/7 full time, uninterrupted, safety, reflection, and visual stimulation. The secret material used to make these reflectors casts rays of light, rainbows and a cosmic yet grounded message to all humans who end up behind you. Loops through saddle rails to mount with reflective paracord.

Made in Oakland, California and in stock now at VRNCLR.

WZRD Bikes Bar Bag Spacers CA$30-$40

If you use handlebar-mounted bags, quit pinching your cables or messing around with foam blocks, check out these new WZRD Bikes Bar Bag Spacers. They hold bar bags at a safe distance from the treacherous tangle of cables and housing, safeguarding them from kinks that would destroy them forever.

These spacers defy the limitations of their counterparts created from feeble foam – unlike the options that crumble under the weight of your gear these spacers remain strong. They come in multiple clamp diameters and offsets and have the option for straps.

Sold in pairs and in stock now at WZRD Bikes.

Remember to Breathe

After years of planning, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS) began work on the Mount Hough trail system in 2013, an ambitious project that will eventually include 78 miles of singletrack. Among the existing 61 miles are trails like Indian Falls Ridge, which took Mason Werner through stands of white alder, big-leaf maple and a gamut of conifers (left)—or, a few years later, a forest of blackened stumps (right). However, SBTS still estimates they’ll have the remaining 17 miles completed by 2025. Quincy, California.

Check out this piece, Remember to Breathe, at Patagonia.




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