Paul’s Shand Stooshie with a Lauf Grit Fork

Paul Errington is part of the Focal Events crew. They put on some of the best events in the UK, like Dirty Reiver and all of these rides have a reputation of being very difficult. His race course ingenuity has undoubtedly inspired his personal bike. Before we jump into the rest of the Scotland reportage, we’re going to take a look at Paul’s beautiful Shand Stooshie all-road bike.

If you can pull your focus away from the Lauf fork, you’ll see a very simple, yet thought out build happening here. The Stooshie is Shand’s do-it-all drop bar bike. You can race cross on it, ride dirt (obvs) and even do some light touring, thanks to the rack provisions. Paul has his set up as a 1x with the Lauf fork and 45mm tires, perfect for absorbing the rough, rocky and rooty trails found on the Isle of Arran, where Grinduro Scotland is taking place.

Paul’s bike is rolling on Halo Wheels, utilizes probably one of the best adaptations of Di2 with the ability to run a long catch, clutch, XTR rear mech with road shifters. It really comes in handy when the road or trail gets steep. This bike has been in the muck, the mud and the inclement weather associated with riding in the Northern UK. Best of all, it looks like it wants more!