Evergreen Gravel Race in Olympia


Evergreen Gravel Race in Olympia

If you’re in the Olympia, Washington-area, check out the Evergreen Gravel Race:

“Mark your calendar, the date for the 2018 Evergreen Grinder is Saturday December 8, 2018. The race begins at 5:45am, but there is a mandatory riders meeting at 5:30.

This year’s race will have two options: The original long course (93.3 miles), and another shorter, but still challenging course (61 miles). The starting location is the Safeway parking lot at the intersection of Cooper Point Rd and Harrison Ave in West Olympia. Both courses will follow the same route for the first 38 miles until the longer course splits off to head south on the the D-1000 towards Bordeaux while the shorter course continues east on the C-Line, skirting the edge of Capitol Peak. The courses will again merge on Sherman Valley Rd, therefrom all riders will take on one last gravel stretch on the C-9200, capped off by a scramble down some neighborhood dog-walking trails that lead to Alpine Dr. and the rolling paved hills back to West Olympia. Keep an eye out for pre-ride write ups.”

See more information at the race’s website.