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APB: My Geekhouse Touring Bike

If you live in Los Angeles, please keep a look out for my Geekhouse touring bike. It was stolen this morning between the hours of 5 – 6:30am from my house. It doesn’t have fenders now and has a basket bag, but is very distinguishable. If you see it, throw a u-lock on it or call Golden Saddle Cyclery (323-661-1174). Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Nov 13, 2016 49 comments
Geekhouse Bikes: Titanium Mudville Complete

Boston is no stranger to titanium. Back in the day, Merlin ruled that market, and later, Indy Fab. These days Firefly and Seven are cranking out beautiful ti frames and now, Geekhouse can be added to that material roster. We’ve seen Geekhouse work with titanium before, with that flashy, painted frame, but here’s a look at what the new Geekhouse Ti bikes look like raw, leaving the welds exposed. Geekhouse works exclusively with USA 3AL2.5V tubing and the Mudvilles feature thru-axles, and a Loco Machine head tube. These bikes look great and you can see for yourself below. If you’re interested in a Ti Geekhouse, wait time is around 3-4 months. (more…)

May 17, 2016 2 comments
Peter’s Geekhouse All Road

Taking a more “mountain bike” approach to fitting in terms of reach and fit has been a successful design characteristic of bikes like the AWOL. Shorter stems mean the top tube can be longer, giving the rider less overlap and the sensation of sitting “in” the bike, rather than “on” it. When Peter first contacted Geekhouse, he wanted a straight up ‘cross bike. Then he talked to a few people and he realized he wouldn’t be racing a whole lot. Rather, he wanted to take this bike up into the mountains of Los Angeles and disappear for hours on end. The triangle would be big to fit a frame bag and the bottom bracket a little lower to make it more predictable on descents.

It’s funny how the desire for a custom race bike is quickly quelled by the necessity for a vehicle to inspire escapism.

Fast forward to the bike’s completion. It just took a leap across the country to follow its owner as he relocated from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas. Essentially he and I swapped places… His relocation came at such a moment that the frame was shipped to Los Angeles first, before being packed back up and delivered to Mellow Johnny’s, where I photographed it this afternoon on a brief visit.

It’s great seeing a bike like this alive and well in a new and exciting city for its owner to explore. Enjoy this thing, Peter!

Mar 29, 2016 48 comments
The First Titanium Geekhouse

Sometimes you need a reboot and for the team at Geekhouse, that includes not only a new logo (designed by the Boston-based Monica Hargrove,) but a new material. Marty Walsh has been building with steel for what probably feels like an eternity for him and in that time, he’s made the point to express an interest in titanium frames to me. Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised when this bike rolled through my inbox yesterday…

This disc road was built for the New England Sram rep, Andy Ewas. Which is probably the reason for the extensive SRAM and Zipp kit. On this build, you’ll spot the new Sram Red eTap and Zipp 303 Wheels with a Zipp cockpit.

Paint design on the frame is from the one and only Jordan Low at Hot Tubes. It features a Metallic Graphite Grey to Raw Ti fade. This is overlapped with a Candy Red to Blue over Raw Ti, revealing the welds underneath the paint. I.e. it’s fire!

See more of this beautiful bicycle below and hopefully, we see more titanium coming out of Geekhouse in the near future!

Mar 17, 2016 23 comments
Abbas’ Geekhouse Mudville Disc

It’s not every day that you see a Geekhouse in Los Angeles. Especially one as unique as Abbas’ Mudville. You see, this bike started out as a cantilever cross bike and then he sent it back to Marty so disc brakes could be added, and got a new fork made. All in all, it took a little time, but now Abbas has a disc brake Mudville with a slick segmented crown fork and plenty of stopping power. He recently moved to LA from Texas where those brakes will come in handy on all the dirt frontage roads… If you see this bike rolling around town, be sure to say hello and Abbas, we’ll hit the dirt soon enough.

Jan 18, 2016 44 comments
Geekhouse Bikes: Deb’s Woodville Rohloff Tourer

Photos by Heather McGrath

Being a returning Geekhouse customer myself, I can identify with this bike. Deb wanted the ultimate city/touring bike, sparing no details. She already has a Geekhouse Mudville ‘cross bike, but wanted a dedicated tourer for the long haul and around town commuting.

This one’s got it all. Racks, fenders, generator lamps and a mean parts list. Not to mention paint designed by Adria Klora, and then painted by Rudi at Gold Coast Cycles. It’s one of the most complicated bikes I’ve ever seen come from the Geekhouse shop.

Check out the full build kit and more photos below. (more…)

Sep 1, 2015 16 comments
My Geekhouse Woodville Update: Handsome Mud Butler Fenders and Compass Barlow Pass Tires

Fenders aren’t exactly my favorite bicycle accessory. Granted I live in Texas where it “never rains” or so it didn’t really until this year. We’ve had a very wet spring and summer, resulting in a lot of unexpected rain riding. So much so that I finally broke down and decided to ditch the big, plump tread of my Bruce Gordon Rock n Roads for some fenders and the biggest tire I could find that would fit…


Jul 28, 2015 100 comments
Two Hot New Geekhouse Woodville Touring Bikes

The Geekhouse Woodville is the Boston-based framebuilding outfit’s touring model. Designed for long-hauls on the road or even around-town commuting, these frames are guaranteed to see their share of miles. This pair in particular was built for Bryn and Katie in Colorado, who have been more than psyched on their new bikes.

I’ve had some of my favorite moments on a bicycle on mine and still to this day find myself tweaking little details. More on that to come next week. For now, here are a few unique specimens, documented by Heather McGrath. Check out more photos below and read up at the Geekhouse website! (more…)

Jul 17, 2015 7 comments
Geekhouse is Hiring!

The team at Geekhouse are looking to expand their operations with a new position. If you meet the criteria and want to start off at a framebuilder’s operations in the Boston-area, now’s your chance. Head over to Geekhouse for more information.

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