FYXO Presents: Back in Two – Bush Blast Day 01

A few years back, Andy from FYXO and Dan from Shifter took a 220lb blogger from America on a ride in the Yarra Ranges to which the bloke barely came out alive. That ride broke me and in the process, jump-started my path to personal fitness. If I was going to keep documenting rides like that, I needed to be in shape.

Each time I visit OZ, we do another ride and while they’re not necessarily as difficult, they end up being special in their own regards.

This trip, UpDave planned a route that would take us from Healesville to Alexandra, skirting along the Yarra Ranges and through the Cathedral mountains. There were going to be eight of us in total but as the ride neared, one by one, the riders dropped out, including Dave, leaving Andy, Tom from Rapha, Daniel from Soigneur and myself.

From eight to four? Sounds good to me. I looked forward to the peace, the sun, the solitude, the gum trees, the wildlife and that silence you find in the ‘bush. You know, the only noise you’ll hear all day is the cyclocross tires spitting sand off as you ride along and eventually the word “cunnnnnnt” echoing as the pitch steepened.

That and the cockatoos… Even the giant black red-tailed beauties!

Since it was winter, we had very little daylight and totaled only 66 miles and 5,600′ after Andy’s morning mechanical set us back a few hours. Fine with me. More time to shoot photos… Read on in the Gallery!

  • That scenery. Jeez. P’raps Andy needs to come up with cycling’s first cool Pie Plate…

    • Or a meat pie plate!

    • @Mr_Bridge:disqus Now that is a challenge!

  • Dobry

    The picture “FYXO and his lightweight Trek” is visual comedy at its finest. Nicely done.

  • jesselash

    Love those jungle scenes. Any reason you all opted for backpacks over bikepacking bags?

    • A few reasons:
      – I carry a camera in mine – there aren’t any bar bags I’d trust to carry a DSLR on a cross bike on a ride like this. – all we’re carrying is a change of clothes and some snacks
      – I prefer to keep the bike light in case I need to hop stuff.
      – a good bag, like a ACRE Hauser fits everything you need, is comfortable and waterproof. – people always want to default on frame bags these days when a backpack keeps the bike nimble, light and looking sharp!

    • It’s an overnight ride – not an alpine expedition. Less is more.

      • krashdavage

        Don’t knock it til ya try it dude

  • Lois Sullivan Watson

    Spectacular photos. Good work!

    • Tom

      Agreed—This looks like an amazing place. Those roads cutting through the thick foliage look so good to ride.

  • Chris Valente

    Rad gallery dude. Those roads looking fucking epic. Your rig looks pretty beastly with those Nano’s on there…

  • Brad

    Really well captured,the photo “Seriously, it was like shooting drunk fish in a bourbon barrel.” is beautiful.

  • Daniel Strauss

    Remember that time we got owned by an upstart barkeep?

    • Tom Southam

      He did not like the way you dressed man.

  • Sean Chua

    Bummer you didn’t have time to bump up to the top of Donna, snow was rad a fortnight ago. The descent down the backroad was pretty crazy having to stop to climb over so many logs and plough through crap-loads of bark.

    • Daniel Strauss

      There was still some now at the turnoff and below! Shame though as #chaingate had us well-behind schedule. Never seen that much road debris!

      • Sean Chua

        Well done on resolving your chain issues. Last time that happened to me I was on the Barry Way between Jindabyne and Gippsland (seriously checkout this road it’s still one of the best dirt roads I’ve ever ridden), ended up hitchhiking out.

        • Jindabyne and Gippsland sounds like Hobbit cuntry!

  • krashdavage

    Sorry about the accommodation John.

  • Eric Hancock

    God, it is beautiful there.

    …and Bundaberg is possibly the best ginger beer on the planet. Difficult to get in most of the U.S.

  • Funny how it takes a dude from America to show me what I’ve got to play with in my own backyard. #capturedwell #inspiredcunt

  • Carl Hemmings

    Love the cuntacoaster

  • D.J. Bolles

    Another fine photo set! Thanks for much for excellent documentation, John. Glad you could enjoy some ride time with your mates.

  • williamwalker91

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  • This gallery just made me laugh, I am so envious of the life you seem to lead! I know it’s not all getting paid to ride bikes, plus having to leave the lady at home must suck, but shit man, the rewards are clearly well worth it.