FYXO Presents: Back in Two – Bush Blast Day 02

There’s something magical about waking up to the call of the Magpie, in a dingy hotel room, with holes in the walls (wall paper peeling off) and to the stench of post-parma flatulence mixed with dirty bib shorts. Now, I know that was grotesque, but it’ll paint a vivid picture for ya.

Personally, I was stoked on our accommodations. For $30 Aussie notes, we slept like logs on a windless summer night. The sunrise looked good and best of all: it wasn’t raining. At all. Yet.

After scarfing down a “scroll” – Australian for cinnamon roll, two tangerines, a pie (meat pie), another pie (meat pie) and a breakfast croissant (ham and cheese), we were ready for mediocre coffee and yellow-tinted water for our bidons. The sun was still shining, so we went off, rain jackets strapped to our bags.

The winter in Victoria can be unforgiving. One minute, it’ll be sunny and the next, a monsoon. After losing a 5D Mkiii body to the Roobaix (R.I.P. baby), I was hesitant to shoot in the rain, so a sunny morning meant more photos and more photos means more “recovery stops.” Even, in the end, that means for hurterer legs. Bugga!

Our day would be packed with hardpack. Lots of climbing, up steep hills, over the range and back down into Healesville. On paper, it looked easy, on the legs, not so much. 65ish miles and 7,000′ of almost all dirt meant we were in for a long day and even longer descents. BRAPPPPP!

Thankfully, the morning light and afternoon landscapes kept my mind off the lactic acid fermentation forming in my quads… See for yourself in the Gallery!

  • Mo Shizzle

    intercontinental #bromance

  • Justin Scoltock

    These are too good! Has me jonesing for some radical dirt times! And image six?! Damn.

  • john freeman

    I was raised in the aussie bush but didn’t start biking till I moved to NYC 13 years ago . Now I just want to get back down there and ride . cheers for the homesickness and beautiful story .

  • Tyler Shannon

    That Fyxo jacket in #09 is so rad. Makes me stoked to go ride today

    • fizzle

      <— wants the jacket. wants it bad.

  • Laurent Lebecque

    Nice pictures !

  • G

    #6 Hallucinant. Tout simplement magique

  • Beautiful photos, morning shots are brilliant

  • BA Beck

    How do you know it’s a logging truck and not a bubble truck?

  • JLN

    Shit beer? Carn mate, nothing beats a Coopers Pale (not a Coopers Green)… well except for a bunch of other beers.

  • Michael Wilson

    Only thing that is better than pale is west end

  • D.J. Bolles

    You dun perty good wit dat der camra kid!

  • Hei John. These shots are amazing. We posted them on our blog in honour of your great work. Keep it up! Greetings from Germany. http://shutuplegs.de/2014/07/the-radavist-bush-blast/