The First Titanium Geekhouse Mar 17, 2016



Sometimes you need a reboot and for the team at Geekhouse, that includes not only a new logo (designed by the Boston-based Monica Hargrove,) but a new material. Marty Walsh has been building with steel for what probably feels like an eternity for him and in that time, he’s made the point to express an interest in titanium frames to me. Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised when this bike rolled through my inbox yesterday…

This disc road was built for the New England Sram rep, Andy Ewas. Which is probably the reason for the extensive SRAM and Zipp kit. On this build, you’ll spot the new Sram Red eTap and Zipp 303 Wheels with a Zipp cockpit.

Paint design on the frame is from the one and only Jordan Low at Hot Tubes. It features a Metallic Graphite Grey to Raw Ti fade. This is overlapped with a Candy Red to Blue over Raw Ti, revealing the welds underneath the paint. I.e. it’s fire!

See more of this beautiful bicycle below and hopefully, we see more titanium coming out of Geekhouse in the near future!






  • Charles Southgate


  • Andy Moore


  • Jano

    Geekin’ out

  • D.J. Bolles

    So awesome! Geekhouse was how I was first introduced to the world of custom frames and in turn this site(way way way back in those Prolly years. Remember them?) Top notch build to suit the level of craftsmanship.

  • moe

    Damn, that’s cute!

  • recurrecur

    Titanium really seems to be Boston’s material of choice.

    • Tim Guarente

      So much salt on New England’s roads, plus Boston is a coastal city. We’ve all had a car or truck frame rust out on us. Someday my commuter will be titanium.


    Mechanical Disk and E Tap…… Hmmmmmm

  • Wow, that is just boss – the paint, the beefy frame. Damn.

  • Keith Gibson

    Damn that is noice! Marty and his team are great to work with. Really enjoying my Mudville…..could this be next???

  • Andy Ewas

    Quick edit. It’s not a CX bike. Road disc.

  • Ben Mills

    I normally hate it when manufacturers paint titanium (I’m talking to you Salsa), but that fade paint job is just gorgeous!

    • I always liked that. Looks dipped.

    • Ace Metric Cycles

      hate is harsh. Salsa did many, many, unpainted ti options (colossal, warbird, el mariachi, mukluk, etc) before they introduced the mixed painted front/raw rear schemes.

      • Ben Mills

        You’re right. Hate is way too harsh a word. I actually just bought a 2015 titanium Colossal. In a way, the painted front does give it way more personality than a raw titanium frame, but I know how sad I’m going to be when I get that first bad scratch. That’s the beauty of raw titanium. Salsa is a great company. Love my Vaya. Love my new Colossal!

  • Jimmy

    I’ve seen a fair amount of eTap+mechanical discs from show builds displaying the new goodies. Wondering when we’ll see eTap+HydroR! (Not that I’ll ever even touch it…)

  • Eric Hancock

    That head badge. This is a great bike.

  • Domingo

    I don’t usually envision myself on an out and out road bike, but geekhouse has peaked my interest. Also, Don’t mind the mechanical calipers, but spyres all the way

    • DominicBruysPorter

      “piqued” for the record.
      sort of like the difference between affect and effect

  • nielubieto’em all


  • Nathan Wayne Yarbrough

    That paint isn’t gold but it’s GOLD!

  • Jonathan Withecombe

    I can’t find words!