My Death Spray Custom Purple Rain Camo Geekhouse Cross

David at Death Spray Custom has been painting forks for people all over the world, for what is quickly becoming the “Fork You” series. He always gives me shit about having purple bikes, and in one email he asked if I “thought I was Prince” – which quickly became the theme for this German rain camo inspired design. Before I could even argue, he told me I was getting “Purple Rain”.

David’s process on something like this must be maddening. Especially masking off every little marking over his Dark Sky Horizon fade and with the Death Spray on the inside of the fork legs…

Originally, I was going to save this fork for an upcoming project, but I thought it would look sinister on my Geekhouse Mudville instead. I do travel with, ride and shred this bike more than anything else in my stable. Personally, I think the worn and tattered powdercoat of my Mudville contrasts the funky DSC design, especially with the Chris King purple headset and bottom bracket.

Last Friday, I rode with some friends out to some trails here in Austin, jammed around a few hot laps, with my camera in a hip bag and took a few minutes to shoot this bike in the late afternoon sun…

  • Nice. Really dig the set up with the new purple headset.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Soooo good! Perfect for the “blogger formerly known as Prolly”

  • ap

    i don’t think i’ve ever seen that straddle cable adjuster thingy before. Are they helpful?
    the fork is very cool.

    • AJ Tendick

      Looks like a Paul moon eyes hanger fwiw

    • Yeap – Paul Moon Units – named after Frank Zappa’s daughter.

      • ap

        I know the moon units, I even have them. I was asking about the straddle cable that looks like it has a barrel adjuster integrated on the end (the non clamping arm). A random google makes me think they are from Jagwire. Just curious if you’ve found them and being able to fine tune the straddle cable length useful for setting up canti’s, or an unnecessary extra variable in the equation?

  • PwetStar

    At least the motif wasn’t “When Doves Cry”!

  • I gotta sew some patches to my Ramblin’ Roll now.

  • Ian Stone

    No purple cable ends? Pfft. This build is seriously lacking :p

  • datniqqanoel

    Purple Paul brakes for the win..

  • EffOhEff

    Hey John, how have the Touring Paul’s treated you. Ever feel like you need the fully open canti up front?

    • I’ve been riding these brakes for years with no issues.

      Pardon the brevity. Sent from my iPhone.