e r t z u i ° film: Rapha European Builders Film – Footprints


e r t z u i ° film: Rapha European Builders Film – Footprints

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“FILM Shot & Directed by Kristian Ansand & Martin Gilluck | Music by A Dancing Beggar | Produced by ERTZUI FILM ertzui.de  

The Rapha Continental was established in the United States in 2007 with the aim of rediscovering the lost spirit of cycling. To help realise that ambition, the Rapha Continental joined forces with the finest independent framebuilders in America. In recognition of the Continental’s continued expansion in 2013, Rapha is now proud to be working with some of the finest independent framebuilders around the world.

The result is a growing collection of custom bikes that reflect the craft and heritage of global framebuilding, bikes that are versatile enough to handle the wide range of terrain that the Continental riders encounter. Meticulously designed and entirely handbuilt, they combine technology and innovation with individuality and flair, creating elegant, understated bikes that handle beautifully and perform brilliantly.”

As the Rapha Continental continues to grow, Rapha will be working with some of the best bespoke framebuilders in each Continental territory. In 2013, these will include:
Amaro BikesCrema Cycles, Crisp Titanium, Edelbikes, Festka, St Joris CyclesVandeyk Contemporary CyclesVogel Fahrradrahmenbau and Tiziano Zullo.

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