Radar Roundup: Ritchey Mustard Ultra, Win a Custom Esker Hayduke, Rapha + Shrimps, Priority 600HXT, Ene Ciclo Shifters, Rivendell Hats, Komoot Women’s Arizona Rally 2023, and The Balkans Mirage: A Journey on Wheels


Radar Roundup: Ritchey Mustard Ultra, Win a Custom Esker Hayduke, Rapha + Shrimps, Priority 600HXT, Ene Ciclo Shifters, Rivendell Hats, Komoot Women’s Arizona Rally 2023, and The Balkans Mirage: A Journey on Wheels

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Ritchey Ultra in Mustard Yellow $999

If there’s one thing Tom Ritchey knows, it’s dirt. Just look at his 40+ years of building the first MOUNTAIN BIKES and some of the fastest bikes for elite racers over the years. When he first designed the Ultra, he knew it would appeal to riders who demand specific ride characteristics only he could deliver – and that was in the 1980s!

Good design withstands the test of time, and the latest iteration of the Ultra is a prime example. Like its predecessor from 30 years prior, the new Ultra is a bike for riders who love to pedal uphill as much as they crave to fly downhill.

The 2023 Ultra comes in this beautiful mustard yellow, very similar in hue to the Imron paint color Tom used on his 1980s bikes.


  • Designed around a 120mm travel fork
  • Compatible with 27.5 x 2.8 and 29 x 2.4 tires
  • Internal routing for a dropper post
  • Boost 148×12 rear spacing

See more at Ritchey

Support the Oregon Timber Trail and Win a Custom Esker Hayduke

If you support the new Oregon Timber Trail fundraiser, you can win an Esker Hayduke complete bike with custom paint and a Rogue Panda frame bag. The lucky winner will also win a weekend trip (Sept. 22-24) with Esker cycles on the Oregon Timber Trail with support provided by Cog Wild.

Not only will you gain a trail-ready hardtail with wild custom paint and a custom Rogue Panda framebag, but you’ll be supporting trail work projects and the incredible efforts of the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance. Your impact will help ensure that the trail will be here for future generations to enjoy. So, don’t miss this incredible chance to win and make a difference.

Grab your tickets now at Oregon Timber Trail.

Rapha + Shrimps Collection

A collection that’s just as surprising as it sounds. For some summer fun, Rapha teamed up with British fashion brand Shrimps for a one-of-a-kind collaboration, expanding upon the brand’s casual riding apparel. For a sport that can feel so steeped in rules, the two brands thought it was high time to blur some boundaries and redefine what it means to be a cyclist.

Combining Shrimps’ signature playful patterns and whimsical designs with Rapha’s product innovation and off-bike stylings, the two companies have created a boundary-blurring aesthetic for those unafraid to stand out. Experimental but wearable, elevated but casual – this collection bridges the gap between fashion and cycling.

We wanted to commend the collection, for its quirkiness and fun aesthetics. Well done.

Roll on over to Rapha for the 411.

Priority 600HXT $ 3,499

The 600HXT is the first of its kind for bike brand Priority. The 600HXT employs the Gates Carbon Drive system and Pinion’s revolutionary Smart Shift gearbox. Instead of relying on a vulnerable and unreliable chain, derailleur, and cassette weighing down the rear wheel, shifting occurs inside the centrally-mounted Pinion gearbox, and pedal power is delivered to the rear wheel by a mud-shedding carbon fiber-reinforced belt drive.

Smart Shift electronic shifting on the 600HXT can snick between gears in 0.2 seconds and will bang through shift after shift reliably, regardless of riding conditions and pedal pressure. With fully-sealed internals, a 600% gear range, and the ability to shift nearly instantly the Smart Shift gearbox offers unrivaled performance and reliability.

What’s great about the 600HXT is the geometry is progressive without being over the top, meaning it’ll hold its own in any terrain. With a 65º HTA and a 75.5º STA across all three sizes, it’s ready for just about anything.

See more at Priority.

Ene Ciclo Command Wing Shifter at SOMA Fab $219.99

Got a vintage MTB you want to convert to a proper dirt drop? Or tired of busting your barcons on your dirt tourer? Or perhaps you’re trying to track down a pair of Multi-Mounts or Sausage Links for your precious Potts or Ibis? Check out these new Ene Ciclo Command Wing Shifters that SOMA just added to its expansive stock.

Launched with a whole lot of new Ene Ciclo shifters (Ene Ciclo Uno Bar End 12 Speed Shifter, Ene Ciclo 11sp Thumb Shifters, and Ene Ciclo Downtube Shifters), the Ene Wing Shifters are a re-thinking of the old Suntour Command Shifter.

The Ene goes to 11-speed and is strictly friction, making it great for everything from road, to gravel, to touring. They are Shimano and Campy compatible and installs on the inside of your drop bars and can be operated with your thumb or index finger.

We’re stoked to see vintage MTB componentry back with a highly modern application. See more at SOMA.

Bummed We Missed Out: Rivendell Cotton Hats $46

The past few Rivendell releases have sold out immediately and unfortunately, that includes these snazzy new Rivendell hats. These MUSA hats feature an adjustable rear strap that are pony tail-compatible. These hats don’t have a “button” on top so you can wear them under a helmet, too. Embroidered with the RBW logo, it’s no wonder they sold out so fast!


  • 7 oz. Cotton duck – lightweight, good warm weather hats, despite being made of duck.
  • Made in the LA, U.S.A.
  • 6 panels
  • Flat(ish) brim, unstructured — bend to your liking.

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Komoot Women’s Arizona Rally 2023

“Situated in the Sonoran Desert, just north of the Mexican border, Tucson, Arizona is a gold mine for fall, winter, and spring gravel riding. My true love in the area is Mount Lemmon, a world-class paved road climb that gains 6,000 feet (1,800 m) in 20 miles (32 km). On the way up you pass through seven biomes— starting with Saguaro Cactus and finishing in a pine forest that resembles those of Canada. There’s a ski area up top and a small town with a couple of restaurants and a general store.

The komoot women’s Arizona rally combines my favorite loop in the north and lovely remote riding near the border. The hardest stretch is the first 84 miles (135 km) — riding out Redington Road and climbing up the backside of Mount Lemmon. Once you get past that, you’re golden.

I’m so excited to share this place. It’s wild and remote. I made the route as accessible as possible, but it’ll be a huge challenge. I’m relying on my local friends to guide our international guests. It’ll be our first komoot Women’s Rally outside of Europe and will really be a dream come true. We’ll be a rolling community of women in the desert. Bring sunscreen, energy, and resilience.

I’m over the moon to invite women from around the world to ride and camp in my backyard.”

– Lael Wilcox

Check out all the details for Lael’s Komoot Women’s Arizona Rally!





The Balkans Mirage: A Journey on Wheels

Felix and Nicolas, armed with their cameras, will stop at nothing to immortalize every moment of their bikepacking adventure. Alongside them is Annie, a determined scientist on a quest to uncover the secrets of a most enigmatic species of bats. And then there’s Mathieu, who quite frankly, hasn’t a clue what he’s gotten himself into…



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Photo via @johnprolly

While the grassland ecotone of Southern Arizona isn’t technically the Sonoran Desert, it holds its own beauty. Don’t miss out on the Komoot Arizona Women’s Rally!

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