Radar Roundup: Sour Bad Granny Limited Run, Gorewear Winter, RiG’d UltraTable, Cane Creek Coil/Air Tigon Shock, Rapha Explore Expanded, Wolf Tooth Morse Cargo Cages Reup, Master Bike Builder Show Interviews, and Downtube Shifters in 2023?!


Radar Roundup: Sour Bad Granny Limited Run, Gorewear Winter, RiG’d UltraTable, Cane Creek Coil/Air Tigon Shock, Rapha Explore Expanded, Wolf Tooth Morse Cargo Cages Reup, Master Bike Builder Show Interviews, and Downtube Shifters in 2023?!

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Sour Bad Granny Limited Run

Sour Bicycle’s Bad Granny is a mountain cruiser, designed for singlespeed riding but is still able to accommodate all the gears you want. For this new batch of frames, Sour teamed up with Cyber Cycles and Brainfart Industries to make sure this bike’s re-entry into the brand’s atmosphere is as spectacular as the bike rides!

This limited edition Bad Granny is delivered as raw as the day it was born. Together with Brainfart Industries and Cyber Cranks Sour has curated the best Bad Granny build ever. Raw steel cranks, raw steel bars with integrated dropper.

The Bad Granny has been around since day one at Sour. The brand wanted a fun side project, and an homage bike seemed like a perfect fit. Singlespeed it, run gears, race it, ride it, commute it, it’s up to you! This frame can handle it all as long as “all” ends with a cool beverage and good company.

The Bad Granny looks the same as the OG mountain bikes, but it is anything but ancient. Boost spacing, internal dropper routing, and all the other modern-day standards are present and accounted for on this frame… no worries about running fancy robo-shifting if that’s your thing!

All of this in a handmade in Germany package! See more at Sour Bicycles.

Gorewear Winter New Arrivals

When it comes to colder, wetter weather, one name stands above the rest: Gore-Tex and its in-house apparel brand, Gorewear just rolled out its Fall/Winter 2023 lineup, featuring lots of olive drab. Our fav. However, the brand’s colors don’t stop there and if you’re looking for lined lycra bibs or jerseys, they have that too.

Check out the full lineup at Gorewear.

Rigd’s New and Improved Ultratable Drop Down Camp Table $399

When it comes to equipping your car for car camping, there’s one company doing it all right: RIGD. Their Ultraswing bolts onto 2″ receiver hitches and enable your bike rack to swing away from your liftgate, tailgate, or barn doors on your pickup or SUV. Then, to up the ante, you can bolt an Ultratable drop-down camp table to this swingout and cook your meals on a secure surface.

The new and improved Ultratable now features a food-grade brushed stainless steel front plate and side links along with the same aluminum back plate, creating a 100% food-grade work surface with 100% corrosion resistance.

All in a rattle-free, secure, and made-in-the-USA package! Check out more at RIGD.

Cane Creek Coil/Air Tigon Hybrid Shock $899.99

Cane Creek expands their shock offering with Tigon, the brand’s first Coil/Air hybrid shock. Tigon combines the ground tracking sensitivity of a coil shock with the tunable mid-stroke and bottom out support of an air shock.

Enabled by DB Twin Tube technology, Tigon provides independently controlled low and high-speed compression as well as low-speed rebound adjustment. Using the integrated tool, each rider can tune Tigon to suit themselves on any bike, in any situation.

Tigon is available now through Cane Creek retailers, distributors or factory-direct in North America through www.CaneCreek.com and is covered by a two-year warranty. Tigon is available in standard and trunnion-mount sizes at $899.99; like all Cane Creek Coil shocks, VALT Springs are sold separately.


  • Weight: +/- 438g* *210 without spring, varies by size
  • Damping: DB Twin Tube Technology
  • Adjustments: Independent High & Low Speed Compression, Low Speed Rebound, RAMP Tube, 2 Position Climb Switch
  • Shaft Diameter: 12.7mm (½”)
  • Damper Oil: Motorex 4wt
  • Climb Switch Two Position: Descend / Climb
  • Sizes:
    • Standard: 210×50, 210×52.5, 210×55, 230×60, 230×62.5, 230×65
    • Trunnion: 185×50, 185×52.5, 185×55, 205×60, 205×62.5, 205×65
  • Manufacturing: Designed, Tested, and Hand Assembled in Fletcher, NC

Check out more at Cane Creek.

Rapha Explore Collection Expands

The latest additions to Rapha’s Explore collection–apparel designed to increase comfort both while riding and while touring–include the new and improved Men’s Explore Down Jacket, Women’s Explore Down Jacket, plus two insulating base layers – Men’s Explore Zip Neck Pullover , Women’s Explore Zip Neck Pullover, and Explore Pullover – lightweight, wind resistant pullovers for adventures on and off the bike.

Check out the full explore lineup at Rapha.

Wolf Tooth Restocks the Morse Cage $51.95

The Morse Cage, Wolf Tooth’s triple-boss cargo cages landed earlier this year and immediately sold out. Well, they’re back in stock now and we’re not sure how long they’ll be around this time so if you were drooling over these cargo cages, you might wanna act now. Roll on over to Wolf Tooth to see more!




Master Bike Builders Show Interviews: Vince Colvin of Chumba Handmade Bicycles

The Master Bike Builder Show took place last month in Arkansas and the showcase pulled together a full playlist featuring interviews with the builders in attendance. Check out the full list here after you watch this one featuring Vince Colvin of Chumba Handmade Bicycles.



Downtube Shifters in 2023?!

In Velo Orange‘s newest WrenchFest video, watch as they’re building up a Rando Frameset with downtube shifters, drop bars, and plush 700×33.333 tires!

You might wonder, “Downtube shifters in 2023?!” Yes, you read that right! Downtube shifters are making a triumphant return, and you’re about to discover why.

Downtube shifters are the epitome of simplicity in gear shifting. They offer a pure, tactile connection to your bike and are the unsung heroes of shifting mechanisms. They’re simpler than brifters, electronic systems, and even bar ends. These classic shifters pull cable with grace and are compatible with nearly every mechanical drivetrain under the sun.

So, grab your popcorn, your favorite beverage, and get ready to relax with another long-form WrenchFest video!




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @edwanbao

We love mini cargo bikes and this one was shared with us on Instagram from Edwanbao:

“We designed our cargo bike, for cycling and adventuring, camping or going to work, we realize that our backpacks are heavy enough to use, so we moved it to the front of the bike, Bring a portable stove, camping equipment, bicycle equipment, camera, laptop and clothes.

We designed this frame for a posture of 165cm -180cm

Made with JIS (Japan industrial standard) steel material and with the TIG welding method. The second batch of frame production is being processed this November, there are interesting things from the previous update. Stay connected to our Insta story and IG feed, you will get important information”

Check out more at @edwanbao!

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