Velo Orange Voices


Velo Orange Voices

Our friends at Velo Orange just launched a new platform, VO Voices, that showcases the connection between cyclists and their Velo Orange frames, components, and accessories.

Now is your chance to win a $200 VO Gift Certificate by submitting your ride! Here is what you need to do before April 1st:

To submit your own ride featuring Velo Orange frames and/or components to VO Voices, please send VO an email to along with the following:

  • Showcase your story: describe your bike and/or cycling journey.
  • Photos tell a thousand words: a few high-resolution photos so VO can showcase your story in the gallery.
  • Break down the build: a list of the frame and components used.
  • Your Voice Matters: VO Voices is about sharing your journey, experiences, and why you chose Velo Orange.

Submit your bike to VO Voices today and let your cycling story be heard. Your bike is an extension of your identity – it’s time to let your voice shine.