Golden Saddle Rides: Eric Koston’s All-City Gorilla Monsoon

Eric Koston – yes, that Eric Koston – is hooked on cycling. A few months back, he acquired a Santa Cruz Stigmata, much to the disbelief of internet cycling experts, who claimed he “wouldn’t ride that bike.” There’s something to note about these naysayers, particularly with cycling. At the time, I was bummed out on readers, and Instagram commentators from the Radavist’s audience. What is it about the sport, hobby, and activity of cycling that brews this discontent? At any rate, he proved them wrong. Eric rides bikes.

He shows up at the Golden Saddle Friday rides where he’s learned the ways of riding in Los Angeles, ascending the steep dirt roads of the Verdugo Mountains, tubeless woes, promptly taking a digger on the singletrack, getting his feet wet in the LA river, and cruising up behind the Hollywood sign.

Fishing analogies aside, Eric is hooked.

The skaters turned cyclists Eric hangs with all ride Rivendell, Crust, and All City with more upright riding positions. So he started shopping around and settled on the Gorilla Monsoon, prompting this insane build from the guys at Golden Saddle. All-City and Chris King sent in some goods, prompting the build. All these components are familiar to you, the readers of this site, yet seeing them all in one place makes me feel all tingly inside. Down to the Spitfire top cap! So yes, Eric rides bikes, he’ll ride this bike, and hopefully one day, his friends will take him bicycle camping.


If you want a custom build like this and live in Los Angeles, hit up Golden Saddle Cyclery.

56 responses to “Golden Saddle Rides: Eric Koston’s All-City Gorilla Monsoon”

  1. Liam Griffin says:

    That build is 100% awesome, as is Eric! Lots of people who skateboard ride bikes, I don’t see why anybody wouldn’t get that…
    I went from bombing hills on a skateboard to bombing hills on a track bike, which was the gateway drug into all other bikes (at least for me).

  2. Jake Kruse says:

    this bike is very 2018, and looks very good.

  3. GNARdina says:

    Cardiel (all hail), Foster, Mccrank, Haslem. Skateboarders often like bikes, I being one as well. Glad to see he’s happy with his decision to start riding.

    • BleekBleek says:

      Don’t forget John Igei, Jovantae and the Gonz. Heck, I even remember reading about Heath Kirchart bike packing across the US…

  4. Ryan Flynn says:

    tent city as soon as the fucker can take 24hrs off of all the other shit he does…..

  5. Jimmy says:

    Did he trade in his Stigmata for this?

  6. rcatleastthreecharacters says:


  7. DownToFun says:

    Woah, woah, woah. I thought White used a proprietary BB for their MR30 series cranks. I did not realize you can run Threadfit 30 with WI cranks. This is legit

    • Alec White says:

      Nope, you can use any external 30mm BB.Just some may require spacers like the CK one you see here.

      • DownToFun says:

        But Praxis M30 bb is a no-go, right? Thx for the tipz

        • Alec White says:

          Good catch, I’m not extremely familiar with their cranks but I believe the M30 BB isn’t compatible but the M30 THRU is. A good rule of thumb is if it works for RaceFace Cinch cranks it will work for ours. You just might need to change some spacers out.

          • DownToFun says:

            you’re the best!

          • Alec White says:

            Just doin what I can. But thank you.

          • Seth says:

            I have a cross Bike with bb86/92, so your cranks should work with the race face press fit conversion to 30mm on those? (I know it’s less than ideal for the bearings, but it’s what I got)

          • Alec White says:

            It is less than ideal but it will work. I would also check out Enduro. They have a cool double row bearing (part #DRF 3041 2RS) that I have heard good things about. They have them in stainless and regular ol’ steel I believe.

  8. terriblemcnaughton says:

    This bike very succinctly represents the zeitgeist of the hard through bike scene right now and even more acutely, this website. That bike is 10 kinds of mean.

  9. Matt Karwoski says:

    Fuck yeah Eric is the shit, and so is this bike!

  10. I want to wheelie that bike down Sunset into the sunset, straight to the Club, gahhhh

  11. Ian Connelly says:

    I mean, Natas did it…..Cardiel rides bikes! Eric K has always been rad (and who remembers his MTV Cribs episode?), cool to see he’d pick up cycling. I think the difference between cycling and skating is that cycling is kind of a meditative, repetitive activity and skating is kind of a fast-twitch, practice-makes-perfect thing. Both could be terrible for your knees, though, but cycling’s probably better when you’re over 35. Having been hooked on both I certainly see why they’re complementary.

  12. Richard says:

    Orange you glad you got that sweet fade paint job, and those fine matchy-matchy anodized accent parts!

  13. Mr Sun says:

    dream bike !!!

  14. Pascal K says:


  15. Adam Leddin says:

    That sick reflection shot #12!

  16. evilgordon says:

    Everything about this bike is ace. The fact that it belongs to one of my skate heroes makes it doubly so. I super love how the bike has been reimagined from its drop bar version. Keep finding these John and team!

  17. Lucas Nilsson says:

    Looks soo sick!

    I’m curious in general sizing. Do you change your frame size when you want to use it with flat bars? a little bit longer toptube?

    • GNARdina says:

      I switched my Motobecane to flats and I just switched to a bit longer stem. If you’re comfortable riding on the flats of your drop bars you shouldn’t need much of a change.

    • colavitos_ghost says:

      In the case of a bike like this, I’d say “maybe, maybe not” …. personally, my approach would be to size up to the largest frame you can comfortably and safely stand over. For trail riding and commuting (situations where you’re mounting and dismounting somewhat frequently), you’d want to be sure to have a bit of airspace between the toptube and your crotch.

  18. Chris says:

    #17! so clean – great photo

  19. R.P. Treb says:

    I skate and mtb. Ummm so did this former proskater guy named Rob Roskopp who owns a small bike company now. Anyway , I think next Eric should try a sweet AM Hardtail. Once he feel what it’s like to bomb some hilly trails that’s going to be it.


    NICE. VERY NICE. Mine’s nice too. Will share as soon as finish it.

  21. Michael says:

    Geeez the details on that bike, wicked.

  22. -flisnissen says:

    Nice, -yes, but a stack of spacers and a negative stem? Would look soo much better with a riser stem…

  23. MW says:


  24. Gernot Frank says:

    Nice lightcablejob – not. Recommend to drill the fork next time or use selfadhesive lightcabel. It is the bike of Eric Koston… ✌️

    • John Watson says:

      Yeah! I doubt Eric wants stress fractures from drilling a post-heat-treated fork and voiding the warranty of the bike. Plus, when he wants to put a basket on the bike, it’s easier to re-mount the light, GerNOT! ;-)

      • Gernot Frank says:

        Yeah, best would be prepared internal cablerouting on bikes like that – dynamos are so common nowadays. We use that: if drilling is not an option. The glue they use lasts very long even in very hot climates. GerYES.

        • John Watson says:

          Yeah I get that, but touring bikes / “gravel” bikes / bikepacking bikes change in terms of setup so much than a more permanent cable management system is moot the first time you add a bag or basket to it. So what? This glue makes the bike look “clean” but limits its functionality the second you have to move the light up to the bar when you put a basket of a bag on it. Function or fashion?

          • Gernot Frank says:

            A good executed internal cablerouting and it doesn’t take a lot of time to reroute the lightcable. Just a pclamp inside the forkleg at the lowrider bosses can help a lot to get a tidy routing without loosing function. I still did not found a better solution for myself to switch between lamppositions than useing an extra cable with standard connectors. There was a kickstarter some time ago with magnetic connectors but they were really bulky. My first posting was a little bit too hateful. There are already some productionframes on the market, that take care of that quite good.

          • John Watson says:

            Yeah, but this doesn’t have internal routing… and we’re not talking about other production frames, we’re talking about this bike and yeah, your original comment was shitty. ;-)

          • Gernot Frank says:

            ✌️ Lost in cablerouting. ;)

  25. Lingo Flamingo says:

    Sorry for telling you that, but the spokes are in wrong direction… try a better workshop next time;)