Eric Koston Rides a Santa Cruz Stigmata Jan 27, 2018

I tell ya, GSC has a lot of amazing customers, but this whole moment stoked me – and I’d imagine 13-year-old me – out. Now if we can just get Eric Koston out on some rides…

Also, I missed posting a Throwback Thursday post, where I’ve been uploading ‘lost’ entries from 2015 back on the site after our server deleted our 2015 image bucket. So check out the original Stigmata Review in the ‘related’ entries to the left.

  • Aaron Best

    As a person who has spent the better part of my life on a skateboard, and then finding new thrills in also riding bikes; this is rad.

    • mjsenz


      • GNARdina


  • Steve Chalme

    Does he really ride 🤔? Saw that thing sitting a golden saddle for the better half of a year.

    • You gotta start somewhere. Hahaha

    • Maybe he wants to start. Hopefully he doesn’t read these comments.

  • Ryan Flynn


  • Eric Koston

    **Bike 4 Sale** 2017 Santa Cruz Stigmata! Practically new!…because it stared at a wall in GSC for the latter half of 2017. I don’t know how to shift the gears, so it must not be working right. Probs needs a tune-up. Willing to trade for tacos or best offer

    • You just gotta get rid of that front derailleur! At least that’s what SRAM told me!

    • GNARdina

      looks like it’s time to make “Riding the long white cloud Part Deux” I’d bet McCrank would be willing to do another bike tour with you on the roster.

  • Michael Caputo

    The saddle angle is giving me anxiety…

  • Cam

    Now just get Guy Mariano on a bike and all of my life decisions will be justified.

    • He’s been on one. In spandex.

      • Cam

        I just watched both of their parts in Mouse after this bombshell. Thanks!

  • Flavio San

    ooooooouch can not believe this! one of my heroes on a bike? you made my day, but as someone also said, saddle and brake levers, please put them in the correct way…. flat pedals? please no!

    • Flat pedals are fine. People get worked up about them for no reason other than snobbery. I ride flats.

        • Flavio San

          yes you are right, it’s absolutely snobbery, i do admit… but keep in mind, in my area we are cyclesnobs since the very beginning, we are born like this, we are completely into it, first we take a look at your setup from top to bottom and then we judge, no need to question, no need to speak nor to pedal. Remember that here even spd on the road are not accepted, tolerated but not accepted… i use spd with touring shoes :-) i’m diggin my way out of that snobbery.

          • GNARdina

            Eric Koston > you

          • Flavio San

            @pgh_small_adventures:disqus please forgive me, what do you mean?

          • GNARdina

            Eric Koston is great than you. Pretty much saying regarless of your inbred snobbery, don’t knit-pick a legend.

          • Flavio San

            @pgh_small_adventures:disqus, got your answer via e-mail, thanks. Keep in mind I only come here to have fun and look at good pictures and good stories. If for some reason my comment on flat pedals disturbed you or someone else I do apologize, was not in my intentions.

    • R.P. Treb

      Just so you know, flats rule.

      But Anyway…It’s cool that one skateboarding legend is riding a bike made by another skateboarding legend.