Bikes and More from the Chris King Open House 2023

With this year’s Chris King Open House coming right after the 2023 MADE Bike Show, the event decided to shift gears and focus on the Portland area’s outdoor brands. Chris King opened its doors to the public, unveiling the process that goes into machining bike parts in the USA, while inviting the broader outdoor industry to display their products. It was a full day of bikes and more! Check out our Reportage, sent in by Chris King and let us know your favorite bike in the comments!

Another Chris King Open House is in the books. The sprawling mass of bike racks in front of King’s Portland HQ were piled high with bikes all day. The beer eventually ran out, and the pizza guy went ahead and reserved his place for next year. All signs that the day was a success.

This year’s party was a variation on past themes, focusing on the outdoor lifestyle instead of a small builder-focused show. Only a short time ago, the MADE Bike Show owned the Portland summer, and all the builders big and small have had their day, so King decided to invite a slew of outdoor brands, like Subaru, Danner, Ortlieb, Orvis, as well as an array of camping vehicle and supply purveyors, with the idea that the people who ride bikes are, in the bigger picture, outdoorsy people, too.

Many of the bikes at the Open House came from production builders, like Pivot, Santa Cruz, Yeti, with a few Moots and Sevens thrown in for high-polish measure. All were kitted out in King components, including their road, mountain and gravel wheels, as you might expect. This year’s event seemed like a good time to remind people that King BBs, headsets, and wheels are at home on production bikes too.

Jay SyCip, King’s event manager, claims he walked 20,000 steps through the course of the day trying to keep the beer in supply, the silk-screen setup for bandanas and shop rags moving smoothly, and to slap hands with Portland’s army of bike nerds. This is a party that has found its way onto the bike industry calendar now, so check out the photos, but also stay tuned for next year’s King Open House.

Bikes on Display

Shifting from custom framebuilder creations of years prior, Chris King reached out across its dealer network and had shops send in “Dream Builds” of their most popular floor models. In the mix is everything from titanium gravel bikes with crazy forms, rigid touring bikes, e-Gravel to e-MTBS.

Evil Following SID XX

The bike for the speed demons, the Evil Following SID XX is a cross-country/down country shred sled. Built with 3D Violet ThreadFit 30 bottom bracket and MTN30 wheels. Custom built by CyclePath PDX, Portland, OR.

Ibis HD6

The king of the mountain platform from Ibis, the HD6, is ready for long, tech descents and enduro racing. Built with Matte Mango InSet 2 headset, ThreadFit 30 bottom bracket, and MTN30 wheels. Custom built and painted by The Fat Tire Farm, Portland, OR.

Ibis OSO

The Ibis OSO is the brand’s first foray into pedal-assist e-bikes. Built with Matte Turquoise InSet 2 headset and MTN30 wheels with Splash hubs. Custom built by Angry Catfish Bicycle in Minneapolis, MN.

Juliana Furtado C

Straight from the catalog pages at Juliana, this Furtado C got laced with fine parts from Chris King. Built with Midnight DropSet 3 headset, ThreadFit 30 bottom bracket, and MTN30 wheels. Custom built by The Fat Tire Farm, Portland, OR.

Moots Cycles Express

This bike caused quite a ruckus when announced last month, but it’s here to stay. This showcase build was equipped with Matte Turquoise GRD23 wheels.


Purple was first used by the Phoenicians as a symbol of royalty and we’re over here wiping our chins at the TLC that went into this stunning OPEN WIDE. Built up with limited edition OPEN x Chris King Collab built with 3D Violet DropSet 2 headset and ARD44 wheels. Custom built by CyclePath PDX, Portland, OR.

Santa Cruz Skitch

Named after the act of grabbing onto a car or vehicle in an attempt to gain ground during unsanctioned urban alleycat races or during a premium rush delivery, the Santa Cruz skitch is all the speed without the sketch factor. This model was built with Matte Mango DropSet 3 headset and GRD23 wheels.

Santa Cruz Stigmata

The good ol’ Santa Cruz Stiggy remains one of the greatest carbon gravel bikes on the market. This one was built with a Midnight DropSet 3 headset, ThreadFit 30 bottom bracket and GRD23 wheels by River City Bicycles, Portland, OR.

Scott Solace

Scott is known for its race-pedigree machines and the Solace is the brand’s first entry into the pedal-assist gravel bike market. This one was built with Midnight ARD44 wheels.

Seven Cycles Evergreen XX

Seven makes exceptional bikes, and the Evergreen XX embodies the brand’s steady-handed welding and classic style. This one was built with a Silver InSet 7 headset, T47 30X bottom bracket, and GRD23 wheels by Velosmith Bicycle Studio, Wilmette, IL.

Seven Cycles MantaRay

We have no idea what’s going on here but we dig it! Seven’s new MantaRay gravel bike offers a springy rear end thanks to its innovative swoopy tubes. Just look at this bike! 10/10, no notes. Built with Midnight InSet 7 headset, T47 30X bottom bracket, and GRD23 wheels.

SimWorks Doppo Locust

Loaded up for an overnighter, the Doppo Locust is the latest permutation in the Dopoo lineup. Handmade in Japan and laced to eleven with Sim Works’ forthcoming bags, this stunning silver surfer Locust features a 3D Violet NoThreadSet, ThreadFit 30 bottom bracket, and R45D hubs.

Yeti Cycles 160E

The 160E is a 160mm travel e-MTB from Colorado’s Yeti Cycles. This bike was built with a Matte Turquoise DropSet 3 headset and MTN30 wheels…



Many thanks to Jacob and Jay from Chris King for sending this in! We wish we could have been there ourselves! Let us know what bike you dig in the comments!