Ryan’s Rootbeer Rivendell Rosco Bubbe

Ryan might not be known too well in the cycling scene. Unless of course, you’re at Golden Saddle where he’s a regular to the shop, tweaking things on his bike, or figuring out where to bicycle camp, and just ride. He’s an accomplished skateboarding photographer though, which is the realm where he’s best known. Ryan traded his previous bike for this Rootbeer colored Rivendell Rosco Bubbe, which he swapped out a few parts on to make it his own. The details on this thing are exceptional, as are all Rivendell frames, but it’s the build kit that really stands out.

From the Sugino triple, to the JJJ Bars, to the Red Monkey Grips, Pass & Stow rack, a Bell Tower to raise his Spurcycle bell up, PAUL brakes, and Swift Sugarloaf bag, this bike is highly functional but looks damn good at the same time. Remarkably, Ryan was able to cram in those 50mm Cazadero tires into the frame, making it a perfect off-road machine for LA’s fire roads.


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  • Joshua Eric Sawyer

    Beautiful. I’m a big fan of root beer frames and regret not snatching up one of the LE root beer Romeos.

    Really nice build.

  • George T Rosselle

    I really appreciate all your photos and stories. Spelling is sometimes an issue though. This bike is a Rosco, not Rosko. Keep up the good work!

    • Yeah, I added the word “Rosko” – a framebuilder friend in NYC – to the spellcheck plugin’s dictionary I use and forgot to check it over before I scheduled it. It switches common misspellings out. Thanks!

      • George T Rosselle

        All fixed now. I love my green Rosco, it might be even more fun to ride than my old Atlantis. There’s something about the longer chainstays that makes the ride nice.

  • Area45

    Really diggin’ this one. Love the Bubbe Tube above the Bottom Bracket.

    • I like the spider web above it, too!

      • Area45

        I have to admit I’ve never paid much attention to this frame, but now I am!

        • He traded a Spacehorse for this. So crazy!

          • Area45


        • Brian Richard Walbergh

          There was a limited run of a step through 650b version that came in large human sizes with room for 2.35s. They are really great too, thought long and hard about one…

          • Area45

            I saw something about that on a Tumblr page when I googled the bike. I couldn’t figure out they were building though. Looks like some where built some ways and others were built other ways? Do you have one? 650b would be ideal.

          • Brian Richard Walbergh

            I do not, living in Portland means my commuter bike really wants discs. If I remember correctly the Rosco Bubbe line was kind of an experiment, they only made a few of each style, possibly to use up a stash of extra forks they had…

          • Adam Leddin

            Yep, here’s the step-thru version: http://www.cycleexif.com/rivendell-rossco-bubbe

  • Jordan Muller

    Oh my god it’s perfect. Like a good rug, those Cazadero’s really tie it all together.

  • rcatleastthreecharacters

    Beautiful frame and awesome build! The now-defunct Wheelhouse in DTLA used to have a Rosco in my size. Kinda regretting now that I didn’t snatch it up.

    • Area45

      They did? Damn, I must’ve seen it but I don’t remember.

      • rcatleastthreecharacters

        yea it was there for like 1-2 months, then someone bought it

  • Beau

    Excellent build. Have yet to find a bag as useful as a Sugarloaf. I tote mine even without the bike sometimes. It’s perfect carry on for airplane journeys and always feels comfortable to wear around.

  • Nicholas Tingey

    Love the tube above the crankset. I’ve been using a walnut studiolo “little lifter” for the last few years. It’s great for people who live in apartments or find them selves hike a biking a lot.


    • Jordan Muller

      Front Rack company?

      • Emory Hancock

        Pizza Rack by Specialized.

        • Nicholas Tingey

          You got it! Great for anyone that travels a lot with there bike. It comes apart in about 3 minutes. It’s fairly heavy, especially if you’re not using panniers. Since getting back home, I’ve removed the Nitto Mark rack on the back and put it on the front. I might sell the pizza rack & get the crust rack when Matt has more of them instock.

        • Nope it’s a Pass and Stow

      • Pass and Stow (linked in the article)

    • C.Silver

      how was touring in Tokyo?

    • rcatleastthreecharacters

      you went bike touring in Tokyo? How was it?

      • Nicholas Tingey

        You can tell just from that photo?! That’s impressive!

        It was a blast! We took the train out of Tokyo to Gotenmba & then biked around Fuji. I would highly recommend it. I was there right when the cherry blossoms were blooming. It was beautiful!

  • Sebastian Burnell


  • Nicolas Ponroy

    Is the rear derailleur Deore 9 sp mounted with a microshift thumbies? Because that’s also part of the super cool details

    • Sebastian Burnell


      • jtbadge

        It’s 9 speed, you can see it printed on the shifters.

        The derailleur may be “8 speed” era (no idea, honestly), but then again the cable pull is all the same 7-8-9 speed (and 10 speed road) so they’re interchangeable.

  • Jason Schnissel

    Anyone know who makes the water bottle cage on the downtube?

    • rcatleastthreecharacters

      arundel looney bin

      • Jason Schnissel


  • Alex Steadman

    No frame bag in the tiny lower triangle? Amateur hour!

  • skog_smog

    Just needs a few more feet of cable housing around the brake cluster.

  • Danny

    well I’ll be damned…what a beauty!

  • Bluejaystr

    Love it when you feature utilitarian bikes!

    • When one rolls across my path and if I’ve got time, I love to shoot them. :-)

  • Matt O’Donnell

    You know that type of experience where you didn’t realize you needed something because you didn’t even know it existed, but then you become aware of its existence and it makes you understand there has been this hole in your life…? I’m so in love with this bike!

  • Jason

    Ryan’s an amazing photographer.

    His coverage of ATL is has always been sooooo freaking good. Nice bike, too.