Chasing Everyone! Jan 7, 2018

Terry combined his entire “Chasing” series into a 26-minute long feature length. Get your fill of hot lines here!

  • ToddsterRides

    Fun video. The guy who rides fixed and pops a wheelie so he can eat a slice has some mad skills.

  • Pete S

    I love most of the videos on The Radavist, but I just can’t get beyond the recklessness of the cyclists’ behaviour on public roads and footpaths (sidewalks) in videos such as these. A recent case in the UK saw a big fan of this type of riding jailed in London for hitting a pedestrian and killing her. He rode a fixie with no front brake and was inspired by watching videos of @lucasbrunelle. His reckless behaviour killed an innocent mother of two young children. Read the judges sentancing comments here

    So admins, how do you condone such behaviour on public roads by posting such videos? Like I said, I am a fan of much of your content, but this type of video has me struggling to see the justification of the risks taken (not for the cyclists, but the innocents they put in danger through their actions).